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We Haven’t Heard The Last of Roger Stone

  On November 15, 2019 Trump advisor Roger Stone was convicted by a jury for obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements. The trial lasted a week and there were two days of jury deliberations. Prosecutors argued that Stone deserved a longer sentence because of his threats of violence against against witnesses, and Judge Amy […]

The Case Against Harvey Weinstein

Two years after allegations of rape and sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein were published in the New Yorker and The New York Times, opening statements in his trial are about to begin. Hundreds of women have come forward to accuse Weinstein of many types of inappropriate sexual behavior, but the trial will focus on two of his accusers, with four others testifying to show the pattern in his behavior.

Newtown Sandy Hook Lawsuit

INTRO: Families of mass-shooting victims at Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School file lawsuit claiming that gun manufacturer Remington (and its distributor and retailer) is essentially responsible for the murderous massacre.     FACTS (brief, 6 sentences): Families of shooting victims claim Remington Outdoor Co [FREDM.UL] should be held responsible because its military-themed marketing was designed […]

Lead Paint Nuisance Issue

INTRO: “The ultimate issue is who bears the costs of injuries caused by products: the manufacturers or the injured?”  (When it comes to the Lead Paint Nuisance Issue, I am not sure I understand this one as well as the other topics.  It seems the appellate court decision was just released (reducing the damages award), […]

Landmark Towers HOA Assessment

INTRO: The air conditioning at Landmark Towers in Phoenix needed a major fix, and individual owners’ share to pay for it was $18,000/unit; commercial entities in building even higher cost.   FACTS (brief, 6 sentences): (from article in USA Today of Nov. 13th.) “I thought I might lose my safety-net home,” said resident Francine Hardaway.  […]

Lead in Fidget Spinners

INTRO: Lead in Fidget Spinners toys being offered in retail stores reported to have 300 times the allowable levels for lead.   FACTS (brief, 6 sentences): (from OC Register article) A consumer advocacy group says two types of fidget spinners being sold at Target stores could be dangerous. The items — Fidget Wild Premium Spinner […]