When Are You Required to Pay Child Support?

This is, understandably, a prickly topic but it is a necessary question for the parties involved. In the vast majority of child support issues, it is the mother who is the custodial parent, and it is the father of the child– the non-custodial parent– who pays child support. So, it’s usually the case of the […]

How to avoid identity theft while shopping online

* Online shopping has quickly become a lifestyle, given its convenience. Imagine browsing for items online and having them delivered right at your doorstep. That’s what online shopping has provided people, especially those who have no time to go to physical stores. Online shopping’s popularity and uptake globally has driven retailers to capitalize on an […]

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

There comes the point in your life when an officer tickets you for a moving violation. A moving violation is committed when a vehicle in motion violates a traffic law. The most common moving violations include driving past the speed limit, running a red light, making an illegal u-turn, not signaling, not stopping for a […]

Funny Radio Mishaps

Radio shows have been in existence for as long as anyone can remember, but it was only in 1912 when the term was coined and shortened from “radiotelegraphy” and “radiotelephony.” It became one of the main sources of news and entertainment when the public embraced the radio in the 1920s. And despite the advancement in […]

How to File a Suit

Sometimes, when people trespass our property or threaten the safety of our family, we seek legal action against the aggravating parties. However, most people are half-hearted when deciding to file a case, thinking it is not prosecutable or that the case is not strong enough. Others feel that it is too small of a deal […]