Bitcoin and the SEC regulation

In the simplest terms, a Blockchain is what forms Bitcoin. A Blockchain is basically a public ledger that cuts out the middle-man who would generally record a transaction between parties. Instead, there are certain people in the world who are considered bitminers. These miners have thousands of dollars in equipment and computers that track the transactions of Bitcoin and publish them on a public site called These computers essentially use logarithms to keep track of the transactions being made with Bitcoin. This public “ledger” is more secure and open than our current system of money exchange.


This is a Multidistrict Litigation case (MDL) involving a pharmaceutical drug called Nexium. Nexium is an acid reflux medication, which is designed to treat heartburn. Nexium is a Proton Pump Inhibitor, which means it decreases the amount of acid the stomach produces, ultimately relieving heartburn. The overall goal of MDL is to determine where the 161 cases of product liability actions can be centralized and handled in an efficient manner.

Taylor Swift

This case is being tried in the U.S. District Court because neither Mueller of Taylor lives in the same state. Taylor Swift is an iconic country/pop musician that has made a name for herself throughout all of America. She has a number of songs recognized by almost anyone who listens to the radio, and has dated major actors/musicians as well. David Mueller, a former disc jockey and radio host, was posing with Taylor for a pre-concert photo shoot.

Bill Nye Lawsuit

His science background: he use to be a mechanical engineer for Boeing. He wond 19 Emmy Awards. He graduated from Cornell University. He became the CEO of the Planetary Society and helped develop sundials for the Mars Exploration Rover missions. He has his own documentary called Bill Nye: Science Guy.