Newtown Sandy Hook Lawsuit

INTRO: Families of mass-shooting victims at Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School file lawsuit claiming that gun manufacturer Remington (and its distributor and retailer) is essentially responsible for the murderous massacre.     FACTS (brief, 6 sentences): Families of shooting victims claim Remington Outdoor Co [FREDM.UL] should be held responsible because its military-themed marketing was designed […]

Lead Paint Nuisance Issue

INTRO: “The ultimate issue is who bears the costs of injuries caused by products: the manufacturers or the injured?”  (When it comes to the Lead Paint Nuisance Issue, I am not sure I understand this one as well as the other topics.  It seems the appellate court decision was just released (reducing the damages award), […]

Landmark Towers HOA Assessment

INTRO: The air conditioning at Landmark Towers in Phoenix needed a major fix, and individual owners’ share to pay for it was $18,000/unit; commercial entities in building even higher cost.   FACTS (brief, 6 sentences): (from article in USA Today of Nov. 13th.) “I thought I might lose my safety-net home,” said resident Francine Hardaway.  […]

Lead in Fidget Spinners

INTRO: Lead in Fidget Spinners toys being offered in retail stores reported to have 300 times the allowable levels for lead.   FACTS (brief, 6 sentences): (from OC Register article) A consumer advocacy group says two types of fidget spinners being sold at Target stores could be dangerous. The items — Fidget Wild Premium Spinner […]

Phone Apps Are Not ADA Compliant

Radio Law Talk Segment ADA INTRO:             Companies are being sued because their apps are not easily accessible for blind people.   ISSUES (Summarize both sides argument, both perspectives. You can use bullet points): Plaintiff: they cannot use their tools with some of the apps that read to them what it says on the screen. […]

Veteran’s Laws

Radio Law Talk Segment Veterans INTRO: Its veteran’s day. Let’s try and understand a little more about the legal hoops veterans have to go through.     ISSUES (Summarize both sides argument, both perspectives. You can use bullet points): Many veterans get injured but wait to file the necessary paperwork because they are not sure […]