Fred Penny makes guest appearance on Alliance for the Brave Podcast

We are proud and excited to be able to say that one of our very own lawyers, Fred Penny, was featured as a guest on the prominent podcast, Alliance for the Brave, a weekly radio show and community outreach service dedicated to serving US Active Duty Military, Veterans, the First Responders community and their families.

The podcast was a live episode on July 14, and the two-hour discussion included guests who talked about educational opportunities for military veterans, as well as an interview with Fred Penny. Penny primarily discussed several relevant legal issues of the day, including the most recent nomination to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and the significance of his nomination from a legal perspective.

Both the hosts of the show and listeners agree that Fred’s appearance and discussion on the podcast was a success. According to one of the Alliance for the Brave hosts, “You[Fred] were terrific! We had well over 1,000 people viewing/streaming the show just through Face Book LIVE alone.” Be sure to catch the full episode and other interesting discussions from the ‘podcast’ section, at


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