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Latest Shows

July 21, 2018

Case or No Case, Freedom of Religion, Basketball Goal Causes Wrongful Death

Johnny Depp Settles Lawsuit, Ford $300M Airbag Settlement, Plastic Straw Ban, Muhammad Ali Family Sues Over Likeness

Case or No Case, MGM Mandalay Bay Sues Victims of Shooting

July 14, 2018

Case or No Case, South Carolina Funeral Homes Sued Over Dead Bodies, Brett Kavanaugh Nomination

Immigration Laws with Attorney Mary Waltermire

Immigration Laws with Attorney Mary Waltermire

July 7, 2018

Case or No Case, Face Recognition Software Lawsuits, US Truth and Lending Act and Wells Fargo

Yelp Reviews Lawsuit, Case or No Case, Another Weinstein Lawsuit, Toyota Vehicle Wiring Lawsuit, Muslim Comic v. Neo-Nazi

Case or No Case, Ice Cube & The Big 3 Lawsuit, Supreme Court Union Dues Ruling

June 30, 2018

Case or No Case, Washington DC Bar, SCOTUS Kennedy Resigns

New SCOTUS Justice, Target Weepod Lawsuit, $47.5M Settlement For Lost Limb, Oakland Climate Change Lawsuit, Parkland Baseball Coaches Lost Job

Case or No Case, California Ballot Measure to Split State

June 23, 2018

Case or No Case, Judge Persky Recall, Judge Recall Rules and Procedures

Tesla Employee Lawsuits, Eric Kramer Domestic Violence, Parkland Shooter Sued

Case or No Case, Apple Closes Security Loop, Cell Phone Data Right To Privacy, Southwest Airlines Engine Fire

June 16, 2018

Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt Custody and Visitation Orders, Case or No Case, Thriller

Dangers of Giving Advice, Manafort Jailed and Bail Revoked

Case or No Case, Reggie Bush Injury Lawsuit, College/High School Graduation Speeches, Penn State Hazing Update

June 9, 2018

Case or No Case, Prince Song YouTube Lawsuit, Fair Use Act

Federal Public Land Law & California, State v. Federal Supremacy Issues, Water Rights and Land Use with Pat Mitchell, Reggie Bush Injury

Case or No Case, Beats by Dre Lawsuit, Dancing Surgeon, Red Sox Foul Ball, Whale Whisperer Sued

June 2, 2018

Mike Rotondo Update, Case or No Case, Legoland Lawsuit

Zeke Upshaw Wrongful Death, Law School and The BAR, Illinois Facebook/Face Recognition Lawsuit

Michael Jackson's Estate v. Disney, Case or No Case, Tesla Lawsuit, Needle Allergies, Most Interest Man Lawsuit

May 19, 2018

Case or No Case, Indictment of Sitting President, Chuck Norris/Texas Ranger Contracts

Bob Hilton, Hollywood Contracts, Game Show Contracts

Case or No Case, Larry Nassar Settlement, More Bob Hilton, Empty Candy Boxes, Airplane Smell Test

May 12, 2018

Case or No Case, Dying Horse Sues Its Owner, Lucas Film Trademark Lawsuits

Case or No Case, Stormy Daniels Tax Issues, Charlie Rose and CBS News

Case or No Case, Wells Fargo $480M Lawsuit, NCAA Uniform Violations & Money, North Korean Prisoner's Family Suing

May 5, 2018

Case or No Case, Independent Delivery Companies (Uber, Lyft, etc.) Uphill Legal Battle

Airlines' Duty To Warn, Legality of NFL Punishment Procedures, Right To Privacy After Death

Case or No Case, Trump Subpoenaed To Testify, Ashley Judd/Harvey Weinstein Lawsuit

April 28, 2018

Case or No Case, Bill Cosby Trial

Bill Cosby Trial Continued, East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer, SF 49er's Ruben Foster Case

Case or No Case, North Carolina Hog Farm Lawsuit, Eli Manning Memorabilia Lawsuit, Monkey Selfie Copyright, Donald Trump's Attorney Office Raid

April 21, 2018

Case or No Case, Mariah Carey Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Amazon State Sales Taxes, Facebook Censoring Ads, Durst Trial Update, Hearsay Evidence Exceptions

Case or No Case, Hot Marinara Sauce Lawsuit, Lebron James Reality TV Show Lawsuit, 9-1-1 Operator Dodging Calls

April 7, 2018

Case or No Case, Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Against Trump

Conor McGregor Arrest and Legal Issues, Paul Manafort's Motion to Suppress Evidence, DNA Tests Reveal OBGYN Is The Father

Waterslide Lawsuits, Judge Judy Lawsuit, Bill Cosby and Jury Selection

March 31, 2018

Case or No Case, Easter Bunny Legal Issues, Pulse NightClub Shooter's Wife

Rats at Disney World, Lindt Trademark Lawsuit, Self-Driving Car Causes Death, Chipotle Lawsuit

Case or No Case, Census Questions Constitutionality, Strip Club Harassment Lawsuit

March 24, 2018

Case or No Case, Jeep Grand Cherokee Park/Neutral Lawsuit, NCAA Bracket Gambling, Penn State Frat Death

Google and Facebook Data Mining Lawsuits, Presidential Immunity Lawsuits, Suing the President, Blurred Lines Verdict Upheld

Case or No Case, Hearse Door Malfunction While Hauling Casket, Olympia Beer Misleading Claims, Self Driving Car Causes Death

March 17, 2018

Case or No Case, Richard Simmons Defamation Lawsuit, DNC Staffer Seth Rich Lawsuit

Concussion Lawsuits, Pulse Nightclub Shooting Lawsuit, Mel B Divorce Update, Trump Jr. Anthrax Scare

Law Student Survivor, Case or No Case, Judge Shocks Defendant, Lotto Winner's Privacy, Tootsie Roll Class Action

March 10, 2018

Case or No Case, Hard Life of a Lawyer, Ezekiel Elliot Case Update

Gender Clauses in Acting Contracts, Fyre Festival Fraud Lawsuit, California Sanctuary City Lawsuits

Utah State Bar Topless Convention Invite, Case or No Case, Death Penalty Competency, $920 Million Beirut Judgment

March 3, 2018

Case or No Case, College Hazing/Assault, Johnny Depp Update, Lisa Marie Presley Divorce

Weight Loss Procedure Advertising, Harvey Weinstein Legal Defense, Pringles Class Action, Liabilities of Wild Animal Owners, E-Cigarette Explosion

Case or No Case, Screen Actor's Guild Age Issues, House of Horrors--12 Kids Used As Slaves, Mass Shooting Prevention Laws

February 24, 2018

Olympics Loophole, Case or No Case, UBER Upfront Pricing Lawsuit, Tennis Player Premises Liability

Tony Gwynn Tobacco Case, Bigfoot Lawsuit, SCOTUS Yelp, Comma Placement, Olympian Loopholes

Case or No Case, Misdemeanor Bail Cases, Spongebob Trademark Lawsuit, Lasers in the Sky

February 17, 2018

Case or No Case, Blender Injuries, ULTA Class Action Lawsuit, Travis Scott Concert Lawsuit

Five Points Street Art, Visual Arts Rights Act of 1970, Potato Guns, Tort of Outrage, Beth Holloway Lawsuit

$560m Lotto Winner Sues To Conceal Identity, Chuck Norris/Walker Texas Ranger Lawsuit, Case or No Case

February 10, 2018

Case or No Case, GrubHub Independent Contractors, Facebook Duty To Warn Of Dangers

Homeless Camps Evictions, California Cake Wars, Hotel Duties To Tenants

Case or No Case, Colorado Ski Resort Injury Waivers, Tinder Pricing Lawsuit, Nursing Home Evictions

February 3, 2018

Jim Carrey Lawsuit, Todd's Dramatic Disclaimers, Case or No Case, NFL Injuries

FISA Warrants and #thememo, Jet Blue Turbulence Lawsuit

Case or No Case, Baby Butt Lawsuit, Nassar Trial and The Angered Father

January 27, 2018

Case or No Case, Small Claims and Small Claims Courts, USA Gymnastics Lawsuit

Supreme Court Hearings, Walking Dead Stuntman Wrongful Death, SuperBowl Ticket Lawsuit, Ramen Noodles Price Fixing Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat, Case or No Case, Google and BIPA, 4th Amendment Search and Seizure

January 20, 2018

Case or No Case, Medical Malpractice, Lyft and Uber Independent Contractors, Johnny Depp Lawsuit Update

General Motors Product Defects Claims, Mickey Mouse Copyright Expiration, Copyright Infringements

Fuse Chicken Charging Cables, Case or No Case, Lindsay Lohan v. Grand Theft Auto, Burck the New York City Street Performer

January 13, 2018

Case or No Case, Harvard Grad Degree Taken, Chip Evans Texas Lawyer, Athletes Workers Compensation

Airline Carrier Discrimination Allegations, Voting Laws, Fee Assessments on Juvenile Detentions, Juvenile Self Representation

Case or No Case, Warrants and 4th Amendment

January 6, 2018

Case or No Case, California Free Tuition, California Marijuana Laws, California Ammunition Laws

Odd Laws Nationwide, Spotify Lawsuit, Federal/State Marijuana Dispute, Expungement

Case or No Case, ALEXA Technology Issues, Netflix Making a Murder

December 30, 2017

Case or No Case, iPhone Slow Down, Jaywalking Laws

Jaywalking Laws, Case or No Case, Alexa Storing Voices and Data, Package Thief Cameras and Traps

Todd's Torturous Talk Radio Transmissions, Case or No Case, California's Important Laws of 2018

December 23, 2017

Case or No Case, Colorado Baker, Christmas Trees and The Constitution

Dramatically Deep Disclaimers, Case or No Case, Washington Train Wreck, Santa Fired in Australia, and Gang Related Santas

North Pole Divorce, ADA and Discrimination Claims for Reindeer, Suing Santa, and White Elephant Gift Exchange

December 16, 2017

Todd's Dramatic Disclaimer Readings, Case or No Case, Marijuana Money and The Tax Code

Amazon Lawsuits--Pillow Case Knockoffs & Mercedes Knockoffs, Case or No Case

Cal's Candygram, NET NEUTRALITY, Case or No Case

December 9, 2017

Sexual Harassment, Katy Perry Update, Case or No Case

Kate Steinle Law, Jury Sleeping, Egg Laws

River City Jerky Works, Wheelchair v. American Airlines, NCAA Sports Betting, Colorado Cake Shop Owner

December 2, 2017

Durst Case Update, Case or No Case, BurningMan Recap, and Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner

Mel B Divorce Update, Carmax/Ford Pick Up Lawsuit, Farmer's Union Contracts, and Potholes

Kate Steinle, Katy Perry, Case or No Case

November 18, 2017

Case or No Case, Equifax Data Breach Update, and Talc Powder Updates

Contract to refurbish The Laurel Yacht, Toys 'r' Us Bankruptcy, Laws and Types of Bankruptcy

Case or No Case, Bruce from Amargosa Valley Nevada, Lead in Fidget Spinners

November 11, 2017

Case or No Case, and Johnny Depp Lawsuit Update

Premises Liability with Big Grocery Stores and Veterans Laws

Vegas Shooting Updates With Media And Information Protections

November 4, 2017

Tonga Murder And Hawaii(US) Extradition Laws

Grub Hub And Class Action Bank Lawsuits

Bill O'Reilly, Slander And Libel

October 28, 2017

Tiger Woods, Marijuana, And Graffiti

SRC V. Amazon (Patent Infringement)

Johnny Depp Lawsuit

October 21, 2017

California Fires and Liability

California Fires Continued

Talc Powder Update, Me Too and more.

September 23, 2017

Marijuana Update and Robin Thicke

Equifax and Tesla Accident and Serial Pooper

Facial Recognition Software, Aaron Hernandez Update, etc.

September 16, 2017

Waymo v. Uber

Equifax Breach and Defective Solar Sunglasses

Ezekiel Elliot

September, 9 2017




September 2, 2017

Eggo Waffles and Parmesan Cheese

The Dangers of Becoming a DA

Disaster Relief Laws

August 26, 2017

Talc Powder

Brad Pitt and Nestle Water

Burning Man

August 19, 2017

Tiffany Rings and Robocalls

Uber Arbitration Clauses and Pink Slime

You Don't Want To Be A Lawyer

August 12, 2017

Taylor Swift and Mel B Divorce

August 5, 2017

Airline Seats and Kanye West

July 29, 2017

Elder Abuse and Child Custody

July 22, 2017

OJ Simpson and Student Loans

July 8, 2017

El Chapo and Robert Durst

July 1, 2017

Church and State and Judge Recall

June 24, 2017

Tiger Woods and Farmer Fines

June 10, 2017

James Comey and Bill Cosby

June 3, 2017

Gun Laws

May 20, 2017

Fyre Festival and Aaron Hernandez

May 14, 2017

Marijuana Laws