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Latest Shows

May 18, 2024

HR1 CONC: Honda & Jet It; Tesla Failed at the Curve; Rust Armorer Wants Release During Appeal; Angie Harmon Sues Instacart.

HR2 CONC: Card Counter Banned; Hall Sues Oats; Judge Judy Sues National Inquirer.

HR3 CONC: Fashion Critic; Pelosi Attacker Jailed; Disney Brawl; Scheffler Assault; Quentin Case; Morphet Murder.

May 11, 2024

HR1 CONC: Daybell's Murder Guilt; SCOTUS Upholds Civil Seizure; Ex-NBA Davis Healthcare Fraud Sentence.

HR2 CONC: Who's the Drummer; Mizuhara's Plea; LeBron's Tattoo Rights; Snapchat Legality; Portnow Case Dismissal; Weinstein's Extradition Battle.

May 4, 2024

HR1 CONC: Rock n Roll Pianist; Arizona Rancher Won't Be Tried Again; Chad Daybell's Kids Defend Him.

HR2 CONC: Charity Receives Beef During Deal; Weinstein's Appeal CA Verdict; Kohberger Case Developments.

HR3 CONC: Street Parking Dispute; Dan Schneider Sues Quiet on the Set for Defamation; Megan Thee Stallion's Photographer Lawsuit.

April 27, 2024

HR1 CONC: Famous Naked Gunman; Non-Competes Not Legal by Federal Regulation.

HR2 CONC: 56 Shoddy Mercedes; Weinstein Conviction Overturned; Arizona Rancher Case Ends in Mistrial.

HR3 CONC: Civil Rights Violated; Cinemark Lawsuit; Coal Company Trouble; Timepiece Guy Arrested; Uber Eats Lawsuit; Quick Takes!

April 20, 2024

HR1 CONC: Baseball Memorabilia; OJ Simpson Evidence; Kohberger's Alibi Involves Stars.

HR2 CONC: Illegitimate marriage; More on Richard Ramirez's alibi; Arizona Rancher Murder Trial.

HR3 CONC: 500 home runs; Rust Armorer Receives 18-Month Maximum Sentence.

April 13, 2024

HR1 CONC: Casino Winnings Dispute; Leno Conservator; Hildebrandt Home For Sale; Michigan Shooter's Parents Sentenced.

HR2 CONC: Fly in Baby Bottle; Cousin Marriage Ban; Majors Guilty; Simpson Debt; Morgan Wallen Felony Charge.

HR3 CONC: Hollywood Suit; "Rust" Case Update; Vegas Deposes Shooter; Viagra Case; Teacher Sues School; AZ Rancher Trial News.

April 6, 2024

HR1 CONC: Wandering Eye Debt; Arizona Rancher Tried for Murder.

HR2 CONC: Fiat Envy; Dogs Attack Vet; Baker Affair Leads to Murder; Carlin’s AI Lawsuits Settled.

HR3 CONC: Solar Eclipse Lawsuit; P. Diddy Investigation; Trader Joe's Suit; OnlyFans Model Charged.

March 30, 2024

HR1 CONC: A Foul Weddings; Ruby Franke and Todd Hildebrandt Will be Sentenced to 2-30 Years.

HR2 CONC: Inevitable Divorce; Richins' Affair Prior to Husband's Death; Bankman's Sentenced; Smollett's Appeal; Clerk Scandal.

HR3 CONC: 7-11 Debt Issue; "Titanic Law" Applicable to Baltimore Bridge Tragedy?; Killer Nurse Lawsuit; Papini Restitution; UFC Fighter Lawsuit.

March 23, 2024

HR1 CONC: Rod Through the Barrel; Ariana Grande Divorced; Mother of Kouri Richins Under Investigation.

HR2 CONC: Who's My Daddy?; No Fly List Suit; SCOTUS on Executive Communication.

HR3 CONC: Writer's Credit Denied; SCOTUS Free Speech & Migrant Cases; Texas vs. Justice Dept.; Carlee Russell Sentenced.

March 16, 2024

HR1 CONC: Charity Band Fundraiser; Nevada Deadly Beatings Charged as Murder; Kelly Clarkson Sues Former Husband & Father-in-Law.

HR2 CONC: Mom Kicks Daughter Out of Room; 5-time DUI Murderer; Is There a Measurement for THC Impairment.

HR3 CONC: Son Wants Inheritance from Father; Fyre Festival II ; Pierce Brosnan Pleads Guilty; Scott Peterson Alleged Evidence Withheld; Quick Takes

March 9, 2024

HR1 CONC: Million Dollar Scams; Hotel California Case Dismissed; Kohberger's Memory Defense.

HR2 CONC: The Referee Had Enough; Enforcement of Judgments, Rust Armorer Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter.

HR3 CONC: Reimburse Burial Costs; Beyond a Reasonable Doubt; Idaho Murders Case Delayed Again; Quick Takes!

March 2, 2024

HR1 CONC: Polygamy Doesn't Pay; Steven Tyler Assault Case dismissed - For Now; Elon Musk Sues Open Al.

HR2 CONC: The Actor Ferrari; Squatter in NY Won't Leave Mansion; Sam Bankman- Fried Wants Leniency; Rust Armorer's Trial Underway.

HR3 CONC: Kentucky Reverses Overdose Law; Panera Settles Class Action; Disney Allergy Lawsuit.

February 24, 2024

HR1 CONC: Tommy Lasorda Baseball; OK Judge Resigns Over Texts; $10 M for Wrongful Conviction.

HR2 CONC: Stump Man Sues; Ruby Franke & Jodi Hildebrandt Shall Serve 30 yrs; SCOTUS Refuses to Review 3 Recent Cases.

HR3 CONC: Finders Keepers Losers Weepers; Rust Armorer Trial begins.

February 17, 2024

HR1 CONC: Virginia Couple's Grandpa Gift; Joe Albertsons Supermarket Mystery; Lap Dance Judge Discussion?

HR2 CONC: 1959 Property Rights Clash; Chiefs Celebration; Pastor Helps Homeless; Bayer's Roundup Trials; Actress Fakes Cancer.

HR3 CONC: Otis Playboy Lawsuit; Chick-fil-A $4.4M Settlement; NY Sues Facebook; Universities $104.5M Settlement; Grossman Trial.

February 10, 2024

HR1 CONC: How Do You Divide a Kidney; Exec Sues TikTok; Elon Musk Funds Lawsuit Against Disney; Kevin Spacey Will Testify as to His Illness.

HR2 CONC: Real Wife Must Pay $23M for Poisoning; Disabled Vet Saves 3; Jennifer Crumbley Found Guilty of Manslaughter.

HR3 CONC: Jackson Wins $21M; Holmes' 40th in Prison; Killer Mike Arrested; Delta Pilot Incident; NJ Judge Discipline; Surgical Robot Suit.

February 3, 2024

HR1 CONC: Celebrity 101; Las Vegas Judge in Hot Water; George Carlin's Estate Sures Over Al Movie.

HR2 CONC: Man Served 48 Years Sues; Midwest Innocence Aids Wrongful Conviction; LA Innocence Takes Peterson Case.

HR3 CONC: DraftKings Hacker Got 18 Months; West Point Race Admissions; Messenger Layoffs Suit; CA Bullet Background Checks.

January 27, 2024

HR1 CONC: Should Officers Disclose Gender Identity to the Dept; Lactose Intolerance is a Disability

HR2 CONC: Sleeping Attorney is Ineffective; SCOTUS Orders Texas to Remove Border Barrier

HR3 CONC: AI Led to False Arrests and More; Swift's Image Damaged by AI; Viagra Poisoning Acquittal

January 20, 2024

HR1 CONC: Singer Promised A Life; Who Killed Dan Markel; Alec Baldwin Charged Again.

HR2 CONC: Tiffany Li Pays $11M for Wrongful Death; Madonna Sued for Tardiness; Goldfish Preservative Lawsuit; Alaska Airlines Door Plug Failure.

HR3 CONC: Pierce Brosnan Nature Path Case; Lobster Suit Dismissed; Gruden's Court Argument; Murdaugh Judge Rules; Quick Takes!

January 13, 2024

CONC: Deer Caused Death; Illinois Lawsuit for "Are We Dating the Same Guy?" Facebook Group.

CONC: Aspen Ski Resort Untheorized Pictures; Paula Abdul Sues Nigel Lythgoe; Chrisley's Win a Million Settlement.

HR3 CONC: Texas Man's $100M Walmart Suit; Ebay's $3M Criminal Penalty; Gummy Dots Lawsuit; Majors' Ill-Advised Interview.

January 6, 2024

HR1 CONC: Charity or Greed; Exploding Toilet; Epstein's Client List released.

HR2 CONC: Reese's Halloween Candy Case; Zach Bryan Arrested; Attack on Judge During Sentencing.

HR3 CONC: Ford Fixer; NC Felon Voting Law Challenge; Texas Immigrant Arrest Law; Google Settles Incognito Suit; CA Mug Shot Law; Paralegals' Advice.

December 30, 2023

HR1 CONC: International Discrimination Poster; Felony Murder Doctrine; New Laws for 2024

HR2 CONC: Spencer's Many Families; CA Speeding Cameras; New State Laws; Minimum Wage Changes; CT Gun Control; Iowa Bans Chinese Investments.

HR3 CONC: Overworking Termination; Dentist Sued for Repairs; No WA Street Racing; Majors Guilty; Cher's Conservatorship; Hart Sues for Extortion; Quick Takes!

December 23, 2023

HR1 CONC: Drunk Hit & Run Launches Body; Apple Watch Sales Banned in U.S.; Darien Harris Freed from Prison.

HR2 CONC: EV Range Dispute; Hall vs Oats; Fertility Prof Uses Own Sperm; SWAT Hits Wrong Home; Dog Sniff Violates 14th Amend.

HR3 CONC: Fat Leonard Extradited; Social Media Sues Utah; Wife's Diary Reveals Murder; Epstein List Release; Chubb Insurance Blocked; Blogger Pleads.

December 16, 2023

HR1 CONC: Smoked Each Scene; Chipotle Bowl Thrower Sentenced to Fast Food Work; Arizona Switches Bar Exam.

HR2 CONC: HOA Demand; Panera's Lemonade Lawsuit; Prince Harry's Mixed Legal Fortunes; Alabama Prisons Sued; Amazon Seeks Dismissal.

December 9, 2023

HR1 CONC: Office Party Case; Alaska Airlines Pilot Charge Reversed; Jaguars Employee Charged with $22M Theft.

HR2 CONC: Touchy Santa; SC Decides Uninsured Motorist Case; Bank Worker's Arson to Hide Embezzlement.

HR3 CONC: Copyrighted Pork Recipe; Michael Oher v. Tuohy Family Update; Supreme Cart Hears Tax Case

November 25, 2023

HR1 CONC: Actor Sues Over Lawyer Choice; Las Vegas F1 Class Action Suit; Hall & Oates in Litigation.

HR2 CONC: Cyclist v Truck; Walmart Shooting Lawsuit; Tupac Estate Copyright Suit; "Diddy" Sued.

HR3 CONC: Bridge Collapse Suit; Trans Athlete Ban Upheld; Nike vs New Balance, Skechers.

November 18, 2023

HR1 CONC: Plate Portion Control; PAC 12 Control to WSU and OSU.

HR2 CONC: Murdaugh's Jury Tampering Trial; Pleads Guilty to Financial Fraud, 27 Yrs; R-Kelly Sues for Communication Release.

HR3 CONC: Red Light Run; Grieving Families Act NY; Braves Fan Injury Suit; Pelosi Attacker Guilty; Quick Takes!


November 4, 2023 – Not Recorded

October 28, 2023

HR1 CONC: Dead Cow Case; Minute Maid Faces Lawsuit for "Post of a Healthy Diet"; Dunkin Donuts Pays for Coffee Burn.

HR2 CONC: Disappearing Cattle; Apple Sued for Covid Policy; Panera Bread Sued for its Charged Lemonade.

HR3 CONC: Chris Brown Sued for Assault; Off-Duty Pilot Pleads Not Guilty; Pacino Father at 83; Twins on Plane; Quick Takes!

October 21, 2023

HR1 CONC: Murdaugh Seeks New Trial; Minor League CA CBA; NBA Benefits Defrauded by Chiropractor.

HR2 CONC: 17Yr Back Child Support; Assault Weapons Ban Unconstitutional; Kim K as Juror?

HR3 CONC: NY Bans Gas Stoves; Baldwin Recharged?; Morris-Hurd Divorce; Smollett Update.

October 14, 2023

HR1 CONC: Confiscated Apple Phone; Tesla Records Drivers?; Amber Heard Tormented; CA Lawyers Report Treason.

HR2 CONC: PC vs Chrome Book; Reporting Attorneys Follow-Up; Kiss Sued for Covid Death; Daybell Faces Death Penalty; Joe Jonas Divorce Update.

HR3 CONC: Carlee Russell Guilty of Hoax; Gerald Butler Lawsuit Settled; SCOTUS on Public Figure; Netflix Defamation Suit; Facebook Settlement; Jeff Dye DUI.

October 7, 2023

HR1 CONC: Wedgie Lawsuit v. Disney; Microsoft Exec's Ex-wife Extradited; Florida Murder Charge.

HR2 CONC: Lady GaGa No Reward for Dog Theft; Bars Settle For DUI Death; Jolie Judge Change.

HR3 CONC: Woman Sentenced in NY Death of 87yo; Bauer Settles Sex Assault; Musk Sued by X-Corp.

September 30, 2023

HR1 CONC: Designer vs Apple? Funeral Sued for Dropping Body; Hospital "Drops" Patient for Family.

HR2 CONC: Dump Truck Damages Camaro; Michael Oher Conservatorship Terminated by Judge; JP Morgan Settles Epstein Case for $75M.

HR3 CONC: Peter Pan Peanut Butter Case; Song Lyrics as Evidence? Ed Sheeran Appeal Dropped; SCOTUS on "It" & "And."

September 23, 2023

HR1 CONC: 2 Arms Down; Google Sued over Maps; Joe Jonas Sue for Taking Kids; Hugh Jackman's Divorce.

HR2 CONC: Faked Death Gone A-wall; Kevin Costner Settles Divorce; Kouri Richins Criminal Case Gets Worse.

HR3 CONC: Danny Masterson Divorce; Ariana Grande Will Divorce; Starbucks Sued; Squatter Loses; Quick Takes!

September 16, 2023

HR1 CONC: Flash the Governor; Ghost Guns Stay Denied by SCOTUS; Oregon's Gun Law Challenge; Coroner Leaves Body in Hot Van.

HR2 CONC: Banned Band; Big Hoss' DUI; Hole in One Lawsuit; Magic Key Settlement; Arby's Meat Issue.

HR3 CONC: Dine and Dash; Hugh Jackman Separates; $27M Bullying Settlement; NIL Lawsuit; Gretchen Witmer Update; Meagan Stallion Appeal; Quick Takes!

September 9, 2023

HR1 CONC: Employee Claims She Was NOT Given Lunch Break; Murdaugh Claims Court Clerk Tainted Jury.

HR2 CONC: Murdaugh Continued; Ida Ito Murder, Kohberger Seeks dismissal; Ball Bearings in Cadillac; Masterson Sentenced, Defense Appeals.

HR3 CONC: Shipping Lawsuit; Costner Divorce Update; AL Pacino Baby Drama; Drug Sniffing Dog & 4th Amendment; Quick Takes!

August 26, 2023

HR1 CONC: Chevy Aveo Repair; Costner's Ex Alleges Hidden Income & Wants More Child Support; Halle Berry's 8-yr Divorce.

HR2 CONC: Mom Can't Sell Restaurant; FYRE Fest Revival; Appeals Court: No Towing for Fines; COVID vs Religious Rights; No Death Sought for Richins.

HR3 CONC: $22K Finders Keeper; Kouri Richins; Teen's 15-yr Sentences; Tyson Lawsuit; Maui Fire; Haskin Family Settle; CO Funding Suit.

August 19, 2023

HR1 CONC: Shower Defect; The Blindside Family is Blind Sided by Lawsuit.

HR2 CONC: Car Key Copy; Britney's Divorce & Prenup; Sarandon's Construction Suit; Remini vs Scientology.

HR3 CONC: Alaska State Police; Bridegan's Ex Arrested; Lee Hearing; Rust & Baldwin; Quick Takes!

August 12, 2023

HR1 CONC: Civil War Pensions; Arrested for Bleach in Husband's Coffee; Megan Thee Stallion's Shooter Sentenced to 10 Yrs; Red Dirt Electric VS. Construction.

HR2 CONC: Compat v. Tinder; Texas Pete Class Action Suit; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Will Mediate; Ex-Co SC Justice Publicly Censured.

HR3 CONC: Defective Bike; Ocean Fermented Wine; Costner's Ex Rents Home for 35k/mo.; FTX Founder Has Bail Revoked; Triplets at Jury Duty; Quick Takes!

August 5, 2023

HR1 CONC: Good Reporting or Espionage; Triller and Sony Settle; Rust Armorer Loses Dismissed Request; Reese Witherspoon Finalizes Divorce.

HR2 CONC: Airbnb Dispute; Trudeau Separating; Vallow Life Sentence; Idaho Student Claims Alibi.

HR3 CONC: No Fly Interrogation; Las Vegas Women Arrested for Plot; NY Cop Sues Doctor Over Bullying; Deed Thief Sells Property; Quick Takes!

July 29, 2023

"MOST POPULAR - 6 MAY 2023" HR1 CONC: Lost Dog New Owner; Reno Tracking Device Case Update; Can AI Replace a Judge or Jury?

HR2 CONC: Can't Sell the Mansion; Kevin Spacey Not Guilty: Subway Tuna is Real; Hyundai and Kia Electric Chargers Lawsuit.

HR3 CONC: Traffic Court Bias; Northwestern Hazing Lawsuit; Texas Ranger Lawsuit settled; Quick Takes!

July 22, 2023

HR1 CONC: Union Cut; Taco Tuesday; Trademark Liberated; That's a Spicy Dragon Ball; New Jersey Sues Over Tolls From NY.

HR2 CONC: The 5th Beatle; Judge and Prosecutor Non-disclosure relationship; Murder Conviction Overturned; Tesla Fatal Crash is Probed; Tree Limb Falls on Teen.

HR3 CONC: Fake Pregnancy; Free Speech Flip-off; Woods' Ex Drops Suit; Killer's Divorce; Quick Takes!

July 15, 2023

HR1 CONC: Don't Spend My Inheritance; A&W Root Beer Settlement; Elizabeth Holmes Will Serve Less Than 11 yrs.

HR2 CONC: Repossessed Disaster; Costner Judge Rules on Child Support; Will Found in the Crack of the Couch - Aretha Franklin.

HR3 CONC: Yaris Warranty; Kouri Richins Murder Preliminary Hearing; White Sox All-Star Divorcing; Z. Elliott Dog Cases Settle. Quick Takes!

July 8, 2023

HR1 CONC: Rent Controlled Apartment; Kevin Costner's Divorce, Demands and Prenuptial.

HR2 CONC: Bohemian Club; Interesting Divorces; Rust Case Updates. Ax Murderer Elbows Own Lawyer.

HR3 CONC: Auto Zone Coupons; Eric Richins Murder; Dr. Luke Not a Public Figure; Ivanka Trump Dropped from Lawsuit; Quick Takes!

July 1, 2023

HR1 CONC: Warren Harding Love Letters; SCOTUS: Rules on Statements of Co-Defendant.

HR2 CONC: Businesses Opening on Sunday Illegal? SCOTUS: "Undue Hardship" for Employees' Sunday OFF.

HR3 CONC: Coupon Fraud? Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Trial Begins; Kevin Costner Divorce Updates,

June 17, 2023

HR1 CONC: Generous Sister & 2 Snarky Sisters; Infringing Banana Art; Offensive Rap May Violate Law.

HR2 CONC: Datson 240z Washed; Lobsters & Crabs Can be Harvested Despite Right Whales; Costner Divorce.

HR3 CONC: 11-yo Photographs; ICWA Upheld to Protect Native Am Rights; Cosby Sued; Meta Ordered to Pay; Google Settles Class Action; Quick Takes!

June 10, 2023

HR1 CONC: House Sale with Holdover Tennant; LIV/PGA Golf Resolution.

HR2 CONC: Subway Tuna Class Action; Tiger Woods Starting New Golf League; Motley Crue Sued By Former Guitarist Mick Mars.

HR3 CONC: Atty Fees Cut by Court in Napster Class Action; SCOTUS Rule in Favor Jack Daniels; SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Alabama Voting Rights.

June 3, 2023

HR1 CONC: Service Animal Allowed; Alex Murdaugh Charged with Over 100 New Fraud Charges, NY Limo Manager Gets 5-15 years.

HR2 CONC: Trick the Trainor; Disney-DeSantis Judge Recuses Himself; Wrongly Convicted Man Released After 33 Yrs; Romeo & Juliet Suit Dismissed Tentatively.

HR3 CONC: Juror Sentenced to 6 mos Jail for Misconduct; 94-yo's Sale Proceeds Taken by Taxes; Priscilla Presley Settles Estate Battle Over Her Daughter's Estate.

May 20, 2023

HR1 CONC: The Case of Mandatory Employee Meeting; Lori Vallow Has New Allegations in Arizona; Fla. Book Ban Lawsuit.

HR2 CONC: Theft From Car Repair Shop; 2 Varsity Blue's Defendant's Convictions Overturned; Elizabeth Holmes Ordered to Report to Jail.

HR3 CONC: SCOTUS: Twitter Not Liable for Terrorist Attack; Deutsche Bank Settles Epstein Lawsuit for $75M; Haley Pullos Arrested for DUI.

May 13, 2023

HR1 CONC: Wedding Photos Refund; Vallow Found Guilty of Murder of Her Children; 18-20 yo Can Own Handguns.

HR2 CONC: Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Bliss? Marilyn Manson Loses Defamation Suit, Jay-Z´s DNA Sought.

HR3 CONC: German Sports Car Misdemeanor; William H Macy Sued Over a Tree; Hot McNugget Burns Girl + Costs McDonalds; Quick Takes!

May 6, 2023

HR1 CONC: Lost Dog New Owner; Reno Tracking Device Case Update; Can AI Replace a Judge or Jury?

HR2 CONC: Bonnie + Clyde's Car; KS State Trooper Case; Ed Sheeren Wins Copyright Lawsuit.

HR3 CONC: Airline Food Scammer; Utah Age Verification Lawsuit; Lori Vallow Updates.

April 29, 2023

HR1 CONC: BF Races Up Parking Tickets in GF's Car; UCLA Gynecologist Gets 11 yrs for Sexual Assault; Cruise Line Sued for Storing Body in Drink Cooler.

HR2 CONC: Student Challenges Grading System; Lori Vallow Trial Updates; Ed Sheeran Copyright Case Goes to Trial.

HR3 CONC: Drug Dealer Challenges Search; "Stairway to Heaven" Lawsuit; Sperm Donor Ordered to Stop After 550 Kids; IA Ins. Agent Indicted for fraud.

April 22, 2023

HR1 CONC: Voyager Recourse; Alec Baldwin Manslaughter Charges Dropped; Google Anti-trust Law Suits.

HR2 CONC: Finders Keepers Losers Weepers; CT Student Receives 5yrs for Murder; LA SD Must Pay $15M for Death of Student; 2nd Wife Suspicions of Murder.

HR3 CONC: Mike_Rowe_Soft_Computers.com; Doppelganger Case; NY Limo Crash Killed 20; I Can't Believe It's Not Butter; Elizabeth Holmes Begs, Quick Takes!

April 15, 2023

HR1 CONC: A Move to Form HOA Fails; Lori Vallow Trial Analysis.

HR2 CONC: Slap for Breached Etiquette; Lori Vallow Trial (continued); Elizabeth Holmes Denied Stay of Jail During Appeal; Airman Arrested for Leak.

HR3 CONC: Suspended Horse Trainer Appeals; Pitt SD Sues Social Media; Mom of 6yo Who Shot Teacher Indicted; SD State Frat Sued; NJ Defendant Acquitted for Murder.

April 8, 2023

HR1 CONC: Audi Woes; Divorce Judgments Galore.

HR2 CONC: Movie Trailer Thrills; Tesla's $3.2M Win; Student Loan CEO Charged w/ Fraud; SCOTUS Stops Trans Athletes Ban; Age Discrimination Case.

HR3 CONC: Air BnB Big Party Death Lawsuit; Wrongfully Convicted Receives Nothing; META Sued for Data Breach; 6yo Shot Teacher. Quick Takes!

April 1, 2023

HR1 CONC: HOA no Electric Vehicle in Driveway; Gwyneth Paltrow Wins Lawsuit.

HR2 CONC: Environmentally Friendly Disposable Diapers; Adran Syed's Murder Conviction Reinstated.

HR3 CONC: Rambling Woman Driver; Update on Murdaugh; Lawsuit to Stop Man's Sperm from Spreading; Donziger Appeal Update; Quicktakes!

March 25, 2023

HR1 CONC: Horse Manure Monsoon; Gwyneth Paltrow Testifies, denies hit-and-run in ski crash.

HR2 CONC: Trading The Moose; Trucker's Cash Forfeiture; Register your Marriage or it Didn't Happen; Union Without Marriage Laws.

HR3 CONC: Pet Cemetery for Sale; Kenny G's Divorce; Dog Poop Infringement Case; Buster Murdaugh Rumors; The Right to Pray in College Football; Cyanide Smoothie; Quick Takes!

March 18, 2023

HR1 CONC: AI Lawyer; The "Friend Zone" Lawsuit; Tim Hortons Get Sued for Price Denial.

HR2 CONC: Rolls Royce Rates; Buffalo Wild Wings Lawsuit; Microsoft Exec Murder Update; ICC Issues Arrest for Putin.

HR3 CONC: Blue Say Blues; Home Warranty Sued; Elizabeth Holmes Case Update; Prince Harry Will Win; Rust Special Prosecutors Out; SVB Lawsuit; Quick Takes!

March 11, 2023

HR1 CONC: Dead Photo Shoot; Murdaugh Jurors Reveal Why The Guilty Verdict.

HR2 CONC: Judge Weighs Holmes Restitution; Lisa Marie Presley's Family Fight Over Estate; Mom and Daughters Detained $8M Against Alameda County + Deputies.

HR3 CONC: Independent Contractor Employee; Honeymooner's Left at Sea; Silicon Valley Bank Fails; Jimmy Paige Sues Robbie Williams; TikTok Lawsuits, Quick Takes!

March 4, 2023

HR1 CONC: Dated Contract; Alex Murdaugh Guilty of 2 Murders; Will Alex Appeal?

HR2 CONC: Sue The Alcohol Concession; Move on, Murdaugh.

HR3 CONC: F*** Tesla; Lady Gaga Gets Sued; Vanessa Bryant Settle's With LA County; Biden's Student Loan; Quick Takes!

February 25, 2023

HR1 CONC: Big Roy Suspended; Alex Murdaugh Testifies, and WOW!

HR2 CONC: Wife Shoots Terminally Ill Husband; Weinstein Receives 16yrs More; Elizabeth Holmes Has 2nd Child; Does the Fetus Have Constitutional Rights?

HR3 CONC: Malcolm X Family Sues NYPD; What's a Dram Shop? Supreme Court Wrestles with Section 230 + Terrorist Case; Quick Takes!

February 18, 2023

HR1 CONC: Alive and Sent to the Morgue; Alex Murdaugh Prosecution Rests.

HR2 CONC: Amputate the Spectators; Finish Murdaugh Testimony; Meghan Markle Must Attend Deposition; Inmate Froze to Death in Alabama Jail.

HR3 CONC: Marilyn Manson Sexual Assault Dismissed; Ticketmaster's Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissed; Jury Finds in Favor of NCAA Quarterbacks Death.

February 11, 2023

HR1 CONC: No Treatment for the Victim: Alex Murdaugh Trial Testimony of the Housekeeper.

HR2 CONC: Crockpot Caper; More on Alex Murdaugh and the Judge's Decision About Finances + Motive; No More Breast Feeding.

HR3 CONC: Eno Traffic Signs; Breast Feeding Stopped by Judge; Brett Favre Sues for Defamation; Hutchins' Sues Alec Baldwin; Ex-Buckeyes Acquitted; Quicktakes!

February 4, 2023

HR1 CONC: DJ Forced to use CDs; Elon Musk wins Shareholder Suit; Alex Murdaugh Case Update: Snapchat Video Evidence; Did The Defense "Open the Door?"

HR2 CONC: Man in France Hit Below the Belt by Cop; Hazing Victim's Family at Bowling Green Settles for $2.9M; "Gender Reveal" Defendants Must Still Face Trial, Says Judge.

HR3 CONC: Is Ex-Wife Due a Partial of Settlement Money After Husband is Exonerated + Released from Prison; Ioan Grufudd's Estranged Wife Fails to Appear at Contempt Hearing; Suspect Arrested in Microsoft Exec Murder in Florida; Tyson Food CFO Pleads Guilty to criminal trespass; Surfer, Shawn Rhodes, Sues Park Rangers Excessive Over Leash Law.

January 21, 2023

HR1 CONC: Track Down the Mayor; Alec Baldwin Facing Involuntary Manslaughter Felony.

HR2 CONC: Lock Her Out! SCOTUS Leak Source Still Not Known; Elon Musk Sued for Tweets; Employees of Twitter Must Go to Arbitration First.

HR3 CONC: Lambo Break Test; Mosby's Attorneys Can't Withdraw; Chenoweth Regrets Not Suing for Good Wife Set Injuries; Man Can't Post $100 Bail Dies in Prison.

December 17, 2022

HR1 CONC: Snap, Crackle and Pow! Leonard Cohen's Kids Fight over his estate; FTX founder arrested in the Bahamas.

HR2 CONC: USC Side with NLRB Designating Athletes as Employees; Celebs Sued Over FTX+NFT promotions

HR3 CONC: Guiliani Not in Contempt of Court; Holmes Appeals Fraud Conviction; LGBTQ Amicus Brief for SCOTUS; Updates on Weinstein Jury.

December 10, 2022

HR1 CONC: Connie the Thug; Avenatti guilty again! Gets 14-yr sentence.

HR2 CONC: Judge dismisses suit against Kim Kardashian + Floyd Mayweather; Alex Murdaugh's Financial woes allegedly linked to murders.

HR3 CONC: Former Idaho State Softball coach sues for offer to adopt; Media Guest allegedly exploited her elder mom.

December 3, 2022

HR1 CONC: Mayhem at Mcdonalds; Danny Masterson's Jury—Deadlocked; FTX Files for Bankruptcy.

HR2 CONC: Chrisley Knows Best will know jail soon; Epstein Document Unsealed as to Certain John Does.

HR3 CONC: Kim Kardashian v. Ye for Child Support; Alex Jones Files for Bankruptcy; Weinstein Closing Statements.

November 19, 2022

HR1 CONC: 1959 Chevy Impala; Elizabeth Holmes gets 11.3 years sentence.

HR2 CONC: Bankrupt FTX and endorsers sued; Alec Baldwin sues Rust crew; Petito/Laundrie settlement.

HR3 CONC: Patrick sues for ACL tear; Lambo's lawsuit kicked; Newson testifies in Weinstein trial.

November 12, 2022

HR1 CONC: Cochise County, AZ hand counting of votes stopped; Theranos CEO denied New Trial.

HR2 CONC: Draco the Dog; Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $473M More to Sandy Hook Families.

HR3 CONC: Top Gun Copyright suit Persists; Hawaii Families Sue Navy On Fuel-Tainted Tap Water.

November 5, 2022

HR1 CONC: Mistakenly sold Baseball cards; Rust lawsuit update; Harvey Weinstein case update.

HR2 CONC: Bikini Ban Unconstitutional; DWade Legal Battle; Brady+Bundchen Finalizes Divorce.

HR3 CONC: Good Samaritan Law; Petitos Now Suing Moab Police; Malcolm X defendants acquitted gets $36M.

October 29, 2022

HR1 CONC: Mom and daughter want son and brother house cheap; Kristen Smart murder case

HR2 CONC: Delta Airlines settles case w/ pilot; Kratom lawsuits; Religious discrimination in England

HR3 CONC: Tom Watson divorce; Rust settlement; GA man sues for using his face in a documentary

October 22, 2022

HR1 CONC: Spacey wins civil suit for sexual misconduct suit; Defamation at a Chess tournament.

HR2 CONC: Juror dismissed over flirting with Defendant; Google sued by Texas over biometric data.

HR3 CONC: Cardi B wins tattoo case; Settlement in Astroworld lawsuit; Amazon sued in CAT UK court.

October 15, 2022

HR1 CONC: CONC: Whip it bad; Alex Jones 1B dollars owed to Sandy Hook families.

HR2 CONC: Elizabeth Holmes tries to get new trial; Andrea Bocelli sues private airplane company.

HR3 CONC: US sued for fire retardant pollution; Prince Warhol fair use or copyright infringement?

October 8, 2022

HR1 CONC: Dress code in courtroom; Rust creative settlement with Hutchins estate.

HR2 CONC: Domestic violence includes destruction of mental/emotional calm and coercive control in CA.

HR3 CONC: Jolie-Pitt allegations Fly back and forth; Melinda Gates dishes; Brady and Bundchen split.

October 1, 2022

HR1 CONC: Utah judge awards nude album of wife to husband; MTG's husband seeks divorce

HR2 CONC: Woman who gave birth alone in jail sues; Funny and off-the-wall lawsuits

HR3 CONC: Will Alec Baldwin be charged for shooting? Suit for drunk lie detector test; Depp updates

September 24, 2022

HR1 CONC: Lori Vallow asking for the judge to not allow camera's in the courtroom.

HR2 CONC: Mom tells her daughter to hit a player; Shakira's case settles but new tax issues.

HR3 CONC: Illegal autopsies by Kansas man; Fat Leonard; Co-plaintiff in Bryant's case settles

September 17, 2022

HR1 CONC: Varsity Blues use water Polo verdict set aside; Eva LaRue's stalker sentenced to prison

HR2 CONC: TikTok tragedy; Fat Leonard flees house arrest; Rape victim's DNA trial to robbery sues SF

HR3 CONC: Expectation of privacy for victim's DNA; R. Kelly guilty of 6 counts of child porn

September 10, 2022

HR1 CONC: Tragedy drowning in CLE and guardrails; Burning man 16 arrested and 8-12 hr traffic jam

HR2 CONC: R. Kelly's money in his trust is going to victims; Elizabeth Holmes asks for a new trial

HR3 CONC: LeBron James and Drake sued for 10M; Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt lawsuit over wine former co.

September 3, 2022

HR1 CONC: Space debris can they keep it up?; Alec Baldwin sued for defamation, McCollum

HR2 CONC: Oakland+Alameda County Sheriff no more beanbags or rubber bullets; Tesla v. Louisiana ADA

HR3 CONC: KY flood victims sue coal mines for flood damage; Ranchers in ID claim water rights

August 27, 2022

HR1 CONC: Vanessa Bryant awarded $31M agrees to reduction; paul Newman's Own sued by his daughters

HR2 CONC: CA Cyber Flashing Law; Brad Pitt settles Katrina Homes Lawsuit for $20.5M

HR3 CONC: Cuomo sues NY for civil defense; Stallone's divorce; Kanye won't face criminal prosecution

August 13, 2022

HR1 CONC: GoFundMe scam sentencing; Alaska Air sued for discrimination against 2 Black Muslims

HR2 CONC: Oprah sues to protect her brand; Will Taylor Swift "Shake it off" copyright case

HR3 CONC: Funeral for Decomposed loved one; Father convicted of killing his 2 teenage daughters

August 6, 2022

HR1 CONC: Muhammad Ali's likeness; N. Judd's will+Catalog; Alex Jones must pay Sandy Hook parents

HR2 CONC: Brittney Griner gets 9 yrs in prison; Kevin Spacey House of Cards Arbitration upheld $31M

HR3 CONC: Giuliani's ex-wife wants him to pay $260K or go to jail; LIV Golf versus PGA Tour lawsuit

July 30, 2022

HR1 CONC: Johnny Depp artwork appeals; Rust latest issues of battery and emotional distress

HR2 CONC: Erika Jayne secured at airport in LA; Stan Lee Marvel movies his state issues

July 23, 2022

HR1 CONC: Don't pull Survey pins; Update on Depp/Heard Appeal; Did Judge pull gun out in courtroom?

HR2 CONC: Attorney uses a rare offensive phrase in court; Woman sues man for standing her up.

HR3 CONC: Amazon sues Facebook groups; Musk doesn't get continuance trial in October.

July 16, 2022

HR1 CONC: Coach doesn't play Brooke; Musk v. Twitter in Chancery court.

HR2 CONC: Brett Favre didn't do anything illegal; Uber sued for sexual assaults+crimes of drivers.

HR3 CONC: Amber Heard's New trial Request denied; Holmes sentencing hearing is continued.

July 9, 2022

HR1 CONC: Amber Heard juror Misconduct claim update; Jerry Hall divorcing Rupert Murdoch.

HR2 CONC: Scott Peterson's new trial request delayed due to COVID; Ricky Martin sued by ex-manager.

HR3 CONC: Clint Eastwood did not endorse CBD; Maxwell gets 20 yrs; R. Kelly sentenced to 30 yrs.

June 25, 2022

HR1 CONC: Dobbs v. Jackson womens health organization; Depp v. Heard statics

HR2 CONC: Nicholas Rose allegedly threatens Kavanaugh; Supreme Court strikes down New York gun law

HR3 CONC: Justin Ross Harris case overturned; Judy Huth wins case against Bill Cosby at Playboy mansion

June 18, 2022

HR1 CONC: Crispin Glover v. "Back to The Future"; Depp facing trial in assault case.

HR2 CONC: Kevin Spacey charged with sex assault in England; Acquittal in College admissions scandal.

HR3 CONC: Avanatti pleads guilty to taking money from clients; Court deemed Elephant NOT a person.

June 11, 2022

HR1 CONC: R. Kelly will be sentenced June 29, 2022; STD judgment $5.2M against Geico

HR2 CONC: Dunkin Donuts serve Steak, + eggs; Gymnasts file $1B administrative case against FBI

HR3 CONC: Netflix settled Fish-tank Head Suit; S. Carolina mom + 2 daughter killed by Deputy Sheriff

June 4, 2022

HR1 CONC: Get my acne off your Poch Ad; Depp v. Heard judgment; liability of your Atty statements

HR2 CONC: 1985 Radio Station; UK v. Defamation; judge or jury; Victims stand up for rights

HR3 CONC: Avenatti receives 4yrs for fraud against Stormy; Gibson wins over Flying V shapes guitars

May 28, 2022

HR1 CONC: Airfare credit or not; Recent animal laws, Finally, Depp v. Heard goes to the jury.

HR2 CONC: The case of the Exploding duck; UCLA doctor abuse lawsuits settle for $700M.

HR3 CONC: Employees win in SCOTUS Taco Bell case; Nathan Carman faces murder and fraud charges.

May 21, 2022

HR1 CONC: Happy the Elephant files suit to be a person; Kurt Busch's wife files for divorce.

HR2 CONC: Disney World taxpayer's suit dismissed; Telephonic trial violates 6th Amendment.

May 14, 2022

HR1 CONC: Brett Farve TANF case in Mississippi; Casey and Vicky White escape and capture.

HR2 CONC: Red Wing Stoneware collection trademark; Douglas Balsewicz convicted murderer released.

HR3 CONC: California law overturned ownership of rifle; Mario Batali not guilty.

May 7, 2022

HR1 CONC: The Animal wants his $280k back; Amber Heard starts her case against Johnny.

HR2 CONC: Misappropriation for illicit pleasure; Heard testifies to alleged sexual assault.

HR3 CONC: SCOTUS leak not so rare; Judges decide whether children should be vaccinated.

April 30, 2022

HR1 CONC: Transform your life; Heard's mental health disorders; Most exciting witness—hang loose!

HR2 CONC: Wilde served publicly with custody papers; Boris Becker's Jail sentence is 2.5 years.

HR3 CONC: Hidden Hills murder charges or not; FL Bride skater charged for making guest sick+stoned.

April 23, 2022

HR2 CONC: Improper training of Corrections Officers; Amber Heard Counter Claim against Depp.

HR3 CONC: Rust receives Maximum fines from NM; Cosby sued by Huth for sexual assault.

April 16, 2022

HR1 CONC: House in Receivership; Depp v. Heard punch it out; VA court.

HR2 CONC: Tish Cyrus files for Divorce again; Elon Musk gets Poison Pill from Twitter.

HR3 CONC: AG Ravnsborg from SD impeached; J&J Pelvic mess $302M; Jan 6 committee v. privacy.

April 9, 2022

HR1 CONC: NE Health director issued mandate about mask indoors was this legal?; TN Flood lawsuit.

HR2 CONC: Parkland named juror and the sugar daddy; Boris Becker guilty of Bankruptcy Fraud.

HR3 CONC: Can State assign gender; CA Corp diversity Law is unconstitutional; Covid liability.

April 2, 2022

HR1 CONC: Gabby Petito's family sues the parents of Brian Laundrie; Fertility clinic sued.

HR2 CONC: LGBTQ groups sue Florida Gov.; No new trial for Maxwell, Bob Baffert sues Churchill Downs.

HR3 CONC: $14M for peaceful protesters; Barry Morphew files to dismiss murder trial.

March 26, 2022

HR1 CONC: Hadid's $50 Million Mansion torn down; Stormy Daniels must pay $300k Atty's fees to Trump.

HR2 CONC: Idaho Spuds; Theranos tiktokers testifies; Navy injunction on vaccines lifted.

HR3 CONC: 737 Max Jet Defendant not guilty; Bob Saget's death; USFL trademark infringement claim.

March 19, 2022

HR1 CONC: Lee Harvey Oswalt's casket; Baldwin ask for arbitration; Cosby's civil suit Judge or jury.

HR2 CONC: Smollet out of jail pending appeal; Theranos trial starts this week; Chris Cuomo sues CNN.

HR3 CONC: Gus Edwards sues strip Club; Parkland shooter and Sandy Hook shooter cases settle.

March 12, 2022

HR1 CONC: Jessie Smollet sentenced for fake hate crime still professing innocence.

HR2 CONC: Juror 50 testifies in Maxwell investigation; Kelly Clarkson settles divorce.

HR3 CONC: Patsy Cline licensing fees; More Rust Lawsuit and now an Arbitration Demand.

March 5, 2022

HR1 CONC: Harvey Weinstein has Milk Duds Contraband; Juror in Scott Peterson's case cross-examined.

HR2 CONC: Kim Kardashian is newly single; Trevor Bauer sues Deadspin for defamation.

HR3 CONC: Naya Rivera's wrongful death suit settles; Boston Marathon bomber's sentence reinstated.

February 26, 2022

HR1 CONC: Bill Paxton's settlement case; S Peterson's juror testifies for possible jury misconduct.

HR2 CONC: Maxwell trial juror misconduct investigation; Kendall J sued for her tequila brand.

HR3 CONC: US women's soccer players will get equal pay; Sarah Palin loses suit against NYT.

February 12, 2022

HR1 CONC: Adventure of our time Ford v. Tesla; NFL Suoerbowl Lawsuit.

HR2 CONC: Sarah Palin Defamation Lawsuit; Queen's Gambit Defamation suit survives dismissal.

HR3 CONC: Pandora sued by Comedian; Will Scott Peterson gets new trial; Homelessness at Venice Beach.

February 5, 2022

HR1 CONC: Bambi sues Smokey the Bear; Jason Patric gets presumed father status after IVF.

HR2 CONC: Alec Baldwin settles Parking Space Lawsuit; Cosby asks SCOTUS to deny review of dismissal.

HR3 CONC: Jambalaya Franchise Fiasco; U Penn trans swimmer barred from NCAA championships.

January 29, 2022

HR1 CONC: Virgin Cola takes on Coke; Rust Suit Demmurrer - should it be a Worker's Comp matter?

HR3 CONC: SCOTUS Breyer will retire; Apple CEO gets restraining order; Judge Karren gets censored.

January 22, 2022

HR1 CONC: Alec Baldwin Go Fund me Lawsuit; Honor to Meatloaf; Maxwell files for new trial.

HR2 CONC: Britney Spears warn Jamie Lynn of legal consequences; Masks at the Supreme Court.

HR3 CONC: CA Felony charges in autopilot crash; Bill Paxton's family sues for medical malpractice.

January 15, 2022

HR1 CONC: Stone Wall Jackson is old; Rust warrants and Lawsuits.

HR2 CONC: Jewish Law Professor; John Durst dies in Prison; Maxwell no Longer protecting John Does.

HR3 CONC: Business Vaccine or test mandate overturned by SCOTUS; Newsom denies Sirhan Sirhan parole.

January 8, 2022

HR1 CONC: Hallmark Hyatt Regency crash; Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes guilty on 4 counts.

HR2 CONC: A butter knife defense; Maxwell found guilty but was there juror misconduct?

HR3 CONC: Nirvana wins naked baby suit; My Pillow CEO defamation lawsuit dismissed; M Markle wins.

December 18, 2021

HR1 CONC: Will Weinstein get a new trial? Subpoenas for Rust evidence from Assistant Director and Baldwin.

HR2 CONC: Fired due to Poster; Wife of Chris Berman Caused deadly crash; DUI’s and liability.

HR3 CONC: Biden Vaccine Mandates update; Will Epstein private Settlement with victim shield Prince Andrew?

December 11, 2021

HR1 CONC: Blank draft; $6 million award against Lift; Jussie Smollet found guilty of hoax.

HR2 CONC: Elizabeth Holmes testifies; Photographic evidence in Maxwell trial; Scott Peterson update.

HR3 CONC: Parent’s liability for child’s crimes and negligence; Texas Abortion law updates.

December 4, 2021

CONC: Byron Allen v. Mcdonald’s; Maxwell's trial, Opening Statements, witnesses, and updates.

HR2 CONC: Rust investigation continues; Baldwin does an interview that is strange at best.

HR3 CONC: Lovely Bones author apologizes for a wrongful conviction; Did Mr. Spears commit wrongdoing?

November 20, 2021

HR1 CONC: Closed Casket Funeral; Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

HR2 CONC: Counterfeit tags; Gruden sues NFL+Goodell; Infowars lawsuit moves to damages phase.

HR3 CONC: Purelite plastic debris; Edelson PC sued Ericka Girardi; Britney unwinds 39 trusts to one.

November 13, 2021

CONC: Stuntman injured badly; Rittenhouse testifies and Defense moves for mistrial.

HR2 CONC: Judge gets reprimand in part of Facebook posts; Pittsburgh lawyer takes of pants.

HR3 CONC: Britney is free of conservatorship; Travis Scott Concert Lawsuit filed.

November 6, 2021

HR1 CONC: Baby shark cruel & unusual punishment; Did OJ say “I’ll kill you and get away with it?”

HR2 CONC: Wrongful death suit against Rust; Partial settlement in Kobe Bryant crash photo case.

HR3 CONC: Maxwell wins some & loves some in pre-trial motions; Will Braun sure NFL?

October 30, 2021

HR1 CONC: The Brady Bunch Copyright violation; Rust shooting Criminal & Civil liability potential.

HR2 CONC: Vanessa Bryant sues over pictures; Paulina Porizkova settles Ocasek estate.

HR3 CONC: Bible may be holographic will; Britney Spears update; Halloween Lawsuits, Quick takes.

October 23, 2021

CONC: Uncle sam's owner wins 3.1M for false testimony; Police and qualified immunity.

CONC: Pumpkin Lawsuit; Texas serial killer nurse guilty; Haunted mine drop lawsuit.

CONC: Vanessa Bryant refuses psych eval; Alec Baldwin may not be charged for prop gun death.

October 16, 2021

CONC: Durst sentenced to life without parole; Nike exec admits to prior murder.

CONC: Euthanize your dogs or pay; Brett Favre overpaid by welfare funds; Bob Blitz conflicted out?

CONC Sean Penn’s wife files for divorce; Porky bacon claim; Kelly Clarkson’s prenuptial agreement is enforceable.

October 9, 2021

CONC: Microsoft violates right of privacy? Varsity Blues verdict.

CONC: Robber sues for injuries; Britney Spears; Shannen Doherty is awarded $6.3 Million.

CONC: Good doggie gets parvo; Sotomayor dissents; Murdaugh housekeeper's heirs owed settlement.

October 2, 2021

CONC: Look down before you sit down; Elizabeth Holmes trial updates.

CONC: 21st Century; Britney free from father's control; ScarJo & Disney settle; R. Kelly guilty.

CONC: Celvinator v. Nash; Friday the 13th regains copyright; COVID exception to HIPAA.

September 24, 2021

Inversion table kills; Elvira reveals W. Chamberlain alleged assault; R Kelly closing arguments.

Brill Jump vs Fosbury Flop; Jolie-Pitt lawsuit; Lawyer guilty of contempt over Ecuador.

Don’t' poke the sleeping bear; SC Heritage Act is legal; Justice Thomas points to media.

September 18, 2021

CONC: Robertito's name & likeness; Allison Mack to serve 3 years for NXIVM abuse; Theranos fraud

Case or no case: KFC v. Halal Chicken; More on Theranos; Scarlett Johansson sues Disney.

Raccoon: pet or wild animal?; Durst found guilty. Britney's father to step down as conservator.

September 11, 2021

Best of Radio Law Talk - Hour 1

Best of Radio Law Talk - Hour 2

Best of Radio Law Talk - Hour 3

September 4, 2021

CONC: Improper precious response; two sharks sued for fraud scheme; Hershey sues tough cookie.

Case or no case: Put road back on map; Elizabeth Holmes' rise and fall in blood testing..

Case or no case: TikToker kicked out of gym for sports bra; Naked Nirvana baby lawsuit.

August 28, 2021

Case or no case: Magic key crime; R. Kelly trial mistifies all.

CONC: Attorney lawyers up! Remain in Mexico policy upheld; CDC eviction ban unconstitutional

CONC: Biba Lasagne misappropriated; Sirhan Sirhan paroled; SD AG makes plea deal in car crash.

August 21, 2021

Case or no case: Someone is in the kitchen with Dina; R.Kelly Trial.

Case or no case: Youtube's purring kitty; Britney still not free; McDonald's sued for $14.

Case or no case: Gold to the Oldies; Rashaun Jones arrested for murder; Netflix is sued.

August 14, 2021

Britney Spears's father agrees to step down as conservator; Scarlett Johansson vs. Disney.

Tiger Woods' former mistress breached NDA; SC justice Barrett rejects emergency TRO request.

Monsanto's $86 Million award upheld; Judge rules House only has limited access to Trump's taxes.

August 7, 2021

Depp gets to review Amber Heard ACLU donation; Britney seeks to advance conservatorship hearing.

Prosecutors seek death penalty vs Chad Daybell; Bob Dylan prevails in catalog sale lawsuit.

Cuomo faces sexual assault investigation; Scholastic CEO dies, leaves 1.2B company to ex-gf.

July 31, 2021

Nxivm cult members sentenced with no time; Family of James Brown settles 15-year estate battle.

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney; Julio Jones sued over black market cannabis sales.

Remington offers settlement for Sandy Hook victims; Nikola founder Trevor Milton indicted for fraud

July 24, 2021

Florida Law for neighbor complaints; Bill O'Reilly seeks restraining order to enforce NDA.

Case or no case: Robin Williams misdiagnosed; Age of consent laws; NCAA changes rules on likeness.

Britney moves to remove father; Walking Dead settlement; Federal courts enjoin transgender laws

July 17, 2021

Britney to hire own lawyer, accuses dad of conservatorship abuse; Maxwell transcripts released.

Tiger King "Joe Exotic" resentenced following appeal; Walt Disney heir's inheritance.

Will Cosby sue for jail time?; Court delays mom of gymnast's prison start until after Olympics.

July 10, 2021

Britney Spears' fallout; Avenatti sentenced 2.5 years in Nike Case; Trump sues big tech.

American Picker host Mike Wolfe divorcing; Tesla sued for an autopilot accident.

LA County court fined $25k for COVID violations; San Jose gun tax; Kardashians win $11.5 million.

July 3, 2021

Cosby conviction overturned; Maxwell objects to prosecution's use of deposition testimony.

Case or no case: The vending monopoly accusation; NCAA allows student-athletes to market licenses

Ben Zobrist divorce update; Allison Mack sentenced to 3 years; FB victory FTC lawsuit.

June 26, 2021

Free Britney Speaks out to get her life back and end conservatorship; NCAA loses at SCOTUS.

Vanessa Bryant, other families settle helicopter case. Zobrist sues ex-pastor.

Can your phone be searched at the border?; Kim Kardashian needs to pass the baby bar

June 19, 2021

Catholic foster agency can exclude same-sex couples; COC cannot stop cruises.

Google pays Washington State again; First Step Act language causes injustice - Supreme Court.

Weinstein extradited to LA; Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over hospital employees covid vaccine.

June 12, 2021

CONC: Sale the stadium seats; low-speed chase scooter arrest; Move Allstar game back to Atlanta

Avenatti found guilty; Borden v US violent physical force enhancement; Durst ill, trial delayed.

El Chapo's wife pleads guilty; Ezekiel Elliott suit over dogs; Shannon Sharpe records Julio Jones.

June 5, 2021

CONC: Little people are not midgets!; F.Lee Bailey dead at 87; COVID and the 2nd amendment.

Drunk teen breaks into cop-filled rental. Blue Diamond vanilla almond milk classification.

Pitt & Jolie appeal Joint legal & physical custody. Lori Vallow mentally incompetent to stand trial

May 22, 2021

Case or no case: Greedy bear children; Bill and Melinda Gates still negotiating divorce.

Case or no case: Real estate scenario; North Carolina District Attorney removed for willful misconduct.

Casey Anthony juror regrets decision; Robert Durst's alleged victim 'didn't see It coming'.

May 15, 2021

CONC: Locks of love; How the pandemic will change the courts ; Video conferencing blunders.

Operation fake COVID-19 vaccine cards; Federal Judge gets the boot from several cases.

Chris Cornell's family settle; Melissa McCarthy sued over Life of the Party; NRA TX bankruptcy

May 8, 2021

CONC: Matuchen Mangler; Bill Gates' Divorce; Jeff Bezos 3 divorce settlements.

Chris Pratt & Ana Faris's divorce; Arkansas Judge throws down cane for parking place.

Snapchat can't use 230 in speed filter case; CA releasing 63k felons; Peloton's massive recall.

May 1, 2021

Burning Man burn week; Maxwell claims harsh treatment in custody; Will Britney speak publicly?

Snapchat profanity tinker or stinker; SCOTUS won't hear TX-CA travel ban; CA charity disclosure.

CONC: Mr. Rogers vs. Ice cube; Guantanamo Bay detainee appeals to SCOTUS; Duck Dynasty case.

April 24, 2021

CONC: Popsicles vs Good Humor; No vaccine, no entry and service; HIPPA and religious restraint.

CONC: Burning engine trauma; Burning Man again!; Deshaun Watson's answers to massage lawsuits.

Life without parole ok for minors who kill; SCOTUS limits FTC power to seek money;

April 17, 2021

CONC: Small dog bite; Aaron Donald charged with assault, Britt Reid charged with felony DWI.

Joe West wins defamation suit against Paul Lo Duca; Maxwell has two separate trials set.

De Niro's divorce; Trump's Twitter case dismissed as moot; Safe boxes not safe or private?

April 10, 2021

SCOTUS to CA - open up in home prayer meetings; Deshawn Watson's accusers must be named.

Man dies in taco-eating contest; Satan shoes recalled; Kesha uses anti-SLAPP against Dr. Luke.

Pac 12 sues over trademark infringement; Rep. Katie Hill's loses suit against tabloid.

April 3, 2021

Case or no case: GA Wildcats; Lil Nas x Satan Shoes; NY Case tossed for no mask

Wisconsin overrules state mask mandate; Maxwell faces new sex trafficking conspiracy charges

University of Utah settles McCluskey lawsuit; SLC Real Housewives' Jen Shah arrested and charged

March 27, 2021

UCLA coach gets 8 months for admissions scandal; man enters elephants enclosure at San Diego zoo

Paid by his employer in pennies; Depp loses appeal in London; Brad & Jolie's custody battle.

Students sue Oregon colleges over tuition; Craig Carton wants to pay off victims.

March 20, 2021

Case or no case: Bridezilla; Deshaun Watson investigated for lawsuits; Father sues for ugly baby

Tiger Woods did not get special treatment; Dr. Dre bifurcates his marital status.

Senate leader released after arrest; $40M for skydiving death; French stops naming kid Nutella

March 13, 2021

CONC: IRS prepares taxes; Killing over dog Poop; Mogul sues ex-GF for nudes in his private home.

No PPP for Gentlemen's Club; Costco HIPAA violation; SCOTUS reviews NCAA athlete compensation.

Hertz sued over lost receipt; Minneapolis to pay Floyd's family $27M; COVID treatment fund

March 6, 2021

Doctor appears in traffic court mid-surgery; Meghan Markle makes front page of The Mail.

Case or no case: Pay the commission; Hot Pursuit at SCOTUS; F Bomb judge suspended.

Cheeto burglar; Tiger's Black box; Sofia Vergara's must consent to use her fertilized eggs.

February 27, 2021

Case or no case: Case of the '49 car accident. Ben Hogan golfer. Tiger Woods accident update.

Taylor Swift vs Evermore Theme Park; "Pants on Fire" lawyer in trouble again.

Springsteen DUI Resolution; Judge Judy complaint dismissed; Idaho drops Coronavirus case.

February 20, 2021

Case or no case: Botox gone bad, Kardashian West divorce; Larry King's family battle over will.

Britney Spears' conservatorship; Iowa City leaders arrested and charged with misconduct.

Indiana Covid lawsuit shield; MD fixes digital ads; Zappos CEO died without will, gets sued.

February 13, 2021

Animal rights lawyer in 'murder-for-hire' plot; Larry King's handwritten will for his children.

'Cat' Lawyer on zoom court appearance; Gorilla glue lawsuit?; NTSB report on the Kobe flight.

Robinhood trader suicide; Meghan Markle wins privacy lawsuit; Santa Clara keeps churches closed.

February 6, 2021

Case or no case: Red light no fine; Traffic Tickets; Barristers and the dress and wig code

Protection court didn't violate ethics; Suspect attacks judge in MS; NFL's 2024 Jury trial

Ghost ship plea; Prince Harry wins big; Manson follower parole; big equity lawyers lose 43%

January 30, 2021

Class action against Robinhood; French woman sues to be alive; Kraft video will be destroyed.

NAACP sues GA prison over COVID; US Customs sued by immigration atty; Clinesmith pleads guilty.

Subway sued over tuna sandwich; real mixed berries in question; Weinstein $17 Million Payout.

January 23, 2021

NRA Files Chapter 11 and will move to Texas.

CA Attorney General sued Trump 122 times; COVID changes, what's here to stay; NJ remote trials.

The Shining photo is prejudicial; Erika and Tom Girardi sued; MI MG settle Flint water suit.

January 16, 2021

Case or no case: I want an Avanti; Johnny Depp & Amber Heard slay each other

Sherman-William Antitrust cases against Google and Facebook; Apple loses patent suit to VirnetX

US executed 1st woman in 70 years; Kevin Costner sues business partner

January 9, 2021

Dominion Voting sues former Trump lawyer; Boston marathon bomber complaining and filing lawsuits

Skechers shoes light up lawsuit; Baseball foul ball; Funny warning stickers

Danny Masterson to take case to Scientology Arbitration; Nicki Minaj to pay Tracy Chapman $450k

January 2, 2021

Case or case: Schick buys Harry's; New laws for 2021 - Multi states

1st amendment religious rights still in news; RIP Dawn Wels - Mary Ann.

$200 million Ponzi scheme; Robert Kraft surveillance video; Biden Cals for Senate judge picks

December 19, 2020

Vanessa Bryant sued by her mother; Gross vs Towfiq: who's the harasser?

Religious freedoms prevail over COVID - NY SCOTUS; MLB sues over losses related to shutdown.

Gronkowski & Mayweather sued for teeth whitener alleged fraud; Girardi legal woes; quick takes

December 12, 2020

Maxwell seeks $30M Bond & Release; SCOTUS denies suit to challenge electors in GA, PA, MI, WI.

FTC's suit vs. Facebook; Billionaires Gross & Towfiq sue each other over harassment.

Neil Young dismisses suit against Trump; Muslims on the no-fly list can sue FBI agents.

December 5, 2020

Compelling Cosby appeal in Penn State Supreme Court; Weinstein requests stay in civil suit.

Rum balls DUI; Kraft case is resolved by dismissal and withhold adjudication pleas.

Tecate is Dutch; Interview with Garrett Penny; Phil Collins' ex-wife admonished by court

November 21, 2020

Texas stops in-person jury trials; COVID effects on family, criminal and civil cases.

Boy Scouts of America has 90k accusers; Acosta showed "poor judgment" in Epstein NPA.

DeAndre Baker Charges dropped; Jennifer Grey keeps Dirty Dancing money

November 14, 2020

Jennifer Lopez 'Hustlers' lawsuit dismissed; Depp update; TikTok divestiture order by Trump.

Luhnow sues Astros for termination; Williamson sues AT&T stadium operator over bullpen.

Texas jury trial on hold due to Covid-19 preventions; quick takes

November 7, 2020

Costco sued over "grain-free" dog food; Johnny Depp loses defamation suit

Are Uber and Lyft driver employees?; BP Oil wins Florida Workers' suit

Grand jury indicts Eric Kay for Tyler Skaggs' overdose; NFL & DirecTV antitrust Lawsuit lives

October 31, 2020

Conservative groups sue Google, Youtube; 47 US code 230 immunities at risk.

Marijuana impairs drivers; 230 immunities and legislation; objective reasonable standard.

California charges fees on shuttered liquor stores; NXIVM leader sentenced to 120 years

October 24, 2020

Case or no case: Ride the bull; Ghislaine Maxwell's deposition is now unsealed but redacted

Amy Coney Barrett moves out of Senate Judiciary Committee; M. Jackson sexual abuse case dismissed

Pennsylvania Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit over mail-in voting; Supreme Court blocks curbside voting

October 17, 2020

Identifying as a younger man; Amy Coney Barrett News; Caller David asks rule of law questions

Phil Collins moves to Evict ex-wife and husband; Bill Murray warned to stop using Doobie's song.

Scott Peterson may get new trial; Maxwell's appeal of the use of her civil deposition

October 10, 2020

Led Zepplin wins copyright lawsuit; US Supreme Court rejects appeal of Kim Davis

Winnebago pop-out; Obergefell vs. Hodges discussion finished; #FreeBritney from conservatorship.

Alki David sexual battery lawsuit; Minor league class-action suit; Tahoe ski resort parking fees

October 3, 2020

Tamron Hall Sued for $16 Million; Florida gynecologist's suit against insurance company lives on

Pain & Gain lawsuit settles; Callen sues for intentional interference with contractual relations

Vegas shooting victims get $80 Million; Tattooist sues WWE & take-two for copyright infringement

September 26, 2020

Doobie bros cease and desist against Bill Murray; Journey’s countersuit

Robert kraft case dropped; Magic Johnson receives a temporary restraining order of protection

Maskless Darci Lynn; Iranian verdict may be at risk due to cross-sectoral misconduct

September 19, 2020

Ginsburg Remembered; Dershowitz Sues CNN; Cosby's Appeal to Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Darrell Hammond's Family sues Disney; Tracy Chapman sues Nicki Minaj

TikTok can pay employees; Will Louis Vuitton avoid merging with Tiffany?

September 12, 2020

Virtual burning man; Depp seeks continuance at Heard trial; COVID coverage for Affleck's flick

Voters vs Kaney West; Hairy chair divorce; Rectal exam requirement lawsuit for CA prison guards

Naomi Campbell sued by ex-bf; NFL concussion suits & funding; Weinstein accuser to give identity

August 29, 2020

Scott Peterson death sentence overturned; Trump Twitter & TikTok suits

'Dead' woman found alive in funeral home; Alf Clausen vs Simpsons suit; UCLA sues Under Armour

Stormy Daniels wins fees; Palin suit vs NY Times advances; Maxwell accusers' identities withheld

August 22, 2020

Golden State killer update; Loughlin sentenced; Trump can't hide tax returns subpoenaed

Judge Judy cross-complains; Uber and Lyft get extension; Maxwell fights unsealing her deposition

Clinton gets a massage, LA church writes strict rules for indoor services, Chick-fil-A

August 15, 2020

Case or no case: Horse Trailer; Angelina Jolie requests removal of private divorce judge

Genius Media loses suit vs Google, Lyricfind; Will SCOTUS hear "Stairway to Heaven" lawsuit?

Arrest made in Skagg's death; de Havilland vs Warner Brother suit stands the test of time

August 8, 2020

Neil Young sues Trump campaign for using songs, YouTuber Jake Paul house searched by FEDS

Louisiana Court upholds life sentence on hedge clippers case, The Rock buys XFL Football League

Judge Judy will eat contract, Synder sues info outlet for Esptein story, Paramount Decree to end

August 1, 2020

Case on COVID-cancelled wedding, Dershowitz to sue ViacomCBS over portrayal

Organ harvest murders, No death penalty for Boston bomber, Epstein docs revealed in Maxwell case

Unlimited data, Pitcher wins 1.5 Million for punching naked man, TikTok sued over green screen

July 25, 2020

Automatic Type Setting, Johnny Depp or Amber Heard - Who is Telling The Truth?

Depp and Heard Testimony, Rats in Pantyhose, Judge Orders Journalists to Give Footage of Suspects to Police, FB Settlement Offer

Clint Eastwood Sues CBD, OK Supreme Court Limits Governors Power, Weinstein’s Chap 11 Settlement, Varsity Blues, AL Voter ID Laws

July 18, 2020

Vexatious litigation, Johnny Depp Testifies for 23 Hours, Depp Whiteness Bring Clarity and Confusion

Fredericks of Hollywood, Depp Drama Continues, Maxwell Pleads Not Guilty to 6 Counts

Blacktop Bargain, Weinstein Settlement Denied by Judge as Obnoxious, Will Valerie Harper’s Emmys be Auctioned?

July 11, 2020

Treasure Over Personality Johnny Depp Lawsuit Against the Sun

Fowled up Lease, Johnny Depp and Libel, Lady Antebellum V. Lady A.

Baseball Bonanza, Maxwell Denied Bond, SCOTUS Decision, Stan Lee Daughter Sanctioned, $1M, MGM Sued by Starz, AMC Sue NJ

June 27, 2020

Detect or Defamation? Don’t Put Your Cat on Dating App, Bill Cosby Granted Right to Appeal

Robber Sues 90 Yr Old, Lori Vallow Charges Advance, Elton John Sued by Ex-Wife, Jussie Smollett Witnesses Won’t Testify

30 Yr old Bride, Justin Bieber Sues $20M, Oakland Mc Donald's Sued, Bayer Settles Round Up, Pollution Lawsuit $10B

June 13, 2020

$10 Button Bonanza, Antonio Brown Plea Deal, Shareholders Sue Apple Over iPhone Comments

Suit Countersuit, Celebrity Breakups, What About Pre Nuptial Agreements After a Breakup?

Shot in the Back, Apple Sued Customer for $ IT for iPhone Loss, iPhone Slow Settlement, Lori Vallow Case

June 6, 2020

Sculpture Pic Copyright, Johnny Depp Lawsuit Artist Fighting Subpoena, FB Facial Data Settlement

Fair Use Barbie, Playboy Journalist WH Press Pass, Don Henley Copyright, 9th Circuit Review of Minor Leagues

Store Credit Problem, Kylie Jenner Retraction from Forbes, Carole Baskins Missing Husband Fake, Standing Rock Tribe

May 30, 2020

Edmund Fitzgerald, Mary Kate Olsen Divorce, Weinstein Case, Church/State SCOTUS Decision

Freeble Arrest, SCOTUS Decision Upholds Newsome’s EO, Burlesque Fair Use, Can Arrested Officer Testify?

Grandparent’s Rights, Trump Tweets & EO, 2005 Commission on Election Reform, Quick Takes

May 23, 2020

The Text That Disfigured, Lori Laughlin Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

Love Thy Neighbor, NFL Player Sues United, Mary-Kate Olsen Divorce, Baseball Rule

Great Dane Dogma, Fyre Festival Bankruptcy Lose IP Rights, UT Student Killed & Parents Sue University

May 16, 2020

Cow Pox Pandemic, Wisconsin Supreme Court Shuts Down Governors Stay at Home Order

Speeding at 60 or 65 MPH? Tesla Reopens, Lawsuit Coachella’s Radius Clause

Newlywed Mishap, Tik Tok Lawsuit, Herbalist to Settle Suit for $123M, Intelsat, Oliver Luck

May 9, 2020

Ms. Kitty Cashes in, No Dismissal in College Admissions Case, Flush Heard Around the Nation

Tear Down the Mansion. George Washington Bridge Politics, TX Salon Owner Jail, Tik Tok

Prophylactic Privacy Breach, $75M Immigration Case, DNA of Serial Killer, Seinfeld Wins, Covid Suits

May 2, 2020

No Smoking Please, Simpson’s Composer Sues Fox/Disney, US Women’s Soccer Lawsuit Update

Privacy Lost, Workplace Lawsuit, Bashaud Breeland, Dead People Litigants, Meghan Markle Tabloid

Baby Death Benefits, Big Banks Sued SBA PPP Fees, Prisoners Reoffend, General Flynn Lawsuit Case

April 25, 2020

Musician Steals Design, Houston Fines $1K For No Mask, NASCAR To Open in June, Social Distancing

Refused Marriage License, UT Diploma Privilege, Negligent Homicide Over CV, Chipotle Pays $25M, FB Pays $5B to FTC

Ticket for Merry Go Round, Stunt Woman Wins V. Resident Evil, Background Checks to Buy Ammo Blocked CA

April 18, 2020

Hannity & Fox Lawsuit, SCOTUS Teleconference, Must Wear Pants To Get Mail, USC Rowing Team Corruption 2017

Vacation in France During Swine Flu, Instagram Users Give Non-Exclusive Paid Royalty Free Rights to All Posts

Gym Memberships Gone, Sheriff Destroys 500 Acres of “Hemp”, Avenatti, Michael Cohen Released, Kathy Griffin Covington Lawsuit

April 11, 2020

Illegal Recording, Outer Banks Restrict Access, Trailer with TP, ACLU Sues to Release Inmates for Covid-19

Non Compete or Trade Secret? Child Custody During Coronavirus, Artists Win $6.75M

Exploding Toilet, Fox Indicted Over FIFA Bribes, Heard’s Request to Dismiss Depp’s Defamation Suit Denied

April 4, 2020

Missing Corpse, Out of Jail Free Corona, José Maria Marine, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, Michael Cohen, Bernie Madoff

No Small Claims, Cpt. James Bryant FOIA Lawsuit to Gain USS Thresher Investigation Documents, China Divorce Rate Increase

Cut Fishing or Marriage Proposal, Law Transgender & Girl’s Sports, Lori Loughlin Dismissal Request, Prince Harry’s Green Card

March 28, 2020

Chinese Dictionary Suit, Man Steals Masks, Weinstein Has CV, Cosby & Avnenatti Prison & CV, Jussie Smollett Parody

HR2 Property Taxes? Gun Stores Are Open, Vacation Refunds, Uber & Lyft Sued, Comic Con Lawsuit

HR3 Elizabeth Holmes’ Patent, Comic Con Refunds, Lori Laughlin’s Motion, Lamar Jackson Sues Amazon

March 21, 2020

Nobel Peace Prize, States Corona Virus Lockdown, Essential Services, Cannabis is on the List

Toilet Paper Loss, Pandemic and Employers, Low Level Crime Leads to Prosecution

Mexican Divorce, Martial Law, Avenatti, Katie Perry, Mevandowski, Weinstein

March 14, 2020

Freedom of Information Act, Durst Trial Update, R Kelly Charged with Sex with Minors & Spreading STD

Bagels Anti-Tax, Weinstein Speaks Before Sentencing

Exploding GM Pickup, Led Zeppelin Wins Appeal Involving Tauras By Spirits, Johnny Depp’s Suit Against The Sun for Defamation

March 7, 2020

Horse Meat, Shatner Receives Horse Semen in Divorce, Stolen Hearse, Lori Vallow Extradited to Idaho

Humphrey Bogart’s Fedora, Robert Durst Accused of Murder Again, Journey Members Sue Each Other

Traxxas V. Hobbico, Bumpstock Ban, Former CEO Files EEOC Complaint Against Recording Academy, Alcon V. Peugeot

February 29, 2020

HR1 Excite Search Engine, Weinstein Guilty on two Counts, Issues to be Appealed

HR2 Disney Family Feud, Lori Laughlin Receives Exculpatory Evidence, Cooper V. Standard Oil

HR3 X-ray Feet, Lori Vallow Loses Bail Reduction, Utah Stepmom Pleads Guilty, Hunter Biden to be Disposed, Policing of Phones

February 22, 2020

Harassed Cheerleader, Weinstein Trial: Judge Denies Juror Removal, Gives Jury Instructions & Answers Questions

Mississippi Ratifies 14th Amendment, Bloomberg Releases Women From NDA, Sotomayor Slams Conservative Justices

Pattern Malpractice, Roger Stone Sentenced, Michigan Sues M3, Psych Testing Unreliable, Can’t We All Just Get Along?

February 15, 2020

HR1 Racial Discrimination Unlawful Surveillance, Weinstein Witness Updates

HR2 His Father is a Space Alien, Weinstein Closing Arguments, Avanatti Faces More Lawsuits

HR3 Jussie Smollett Felony Charge, Lori Laughlin Blames USC, Transgender Laws Sports

February 8, 2020

Woman Squatting at Walmart, Harvey Weinstein Witness Cross-Examination

Dog Poop Cusser, Harvey Weinstein Defense Witness, Bezos Sued for Defamation, Madonna Fans Sue

GoDaddy Domain Case, Zaxby's Chicken Trademark Logo Lawsuit Joella Chicken, Boise State Football Lawsuit, Judge Judy $95M Lawsuit

February 1, 2020

Case or No Case: The Camera Grab, Weinstein Case Updates and Dive Into Witnesses on Prior Bad Acts

Free Cruise Isn’t Free, Weinstein Alleged Victim Speaks Out, Ruth Bader Ginsberg on Dysfunction & Polarization

Case or No Case: Cat Gender Reassignment, Boalt Law School Name Change, Miley Cyrus & Hemsworth Divorce, Doggy Divorce & Other Pet Contracts

January 25, 2020

Dirt in Keyboard, Public Pooper, Emotional Support Animal Laws, Utah Topless Case Constitutional?

Weinstein Jury Selection, Possible Juror Misconduct, Sciorra Testifies, Lance Maerou Testifies, Prosecution Expert Testifies, Victoria’s Secret Recruiting?

Virginia Cuisinart, Aerosmith Drummer, Obamacare, Avenattis is El Chapo’s Cell, Scientology Danny Masterson, Steinle and Gunman Trial

January 18, 2020

The 2 Cent Case, Harvey Weinstein Jury Selection

Valentines Day SNAFU, Weinstein Updates, Avenatti Arrested, Oakland Squatters Evicted

Clueless Divorcee Lawsuit, Dodgers Fans Sue over World Series Title, Captioning for Adult Films, Ed Sheeran Song Rights, Ariana Grande Copyright Lawsuit

January 11, 2020

Jean Clement Won’t Die, California Water Laws Take Effect In A Few Years

Monster Cable Suit, Court of Appeals Reinstates Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson’s Corporations, Miley Cyrus Settles, Ikea Pays $46M for Death of 2 Year Old

Danger of Dental Implants, Harvey Weinstein updates, Scientology Danny Masterson Case, Gig Lawsuit Scares Truckers

January 4, 2020

Whole Grain Cheez-Its, Diet Dr. Pepper Is Not Deceptive, New Laws in 2020

Curves for men, More New 2020 Laws, Human Right to Housing Vs. Private Property

Credit Rehab, Hunter Biden Paternity, Alex Baldwin Slander, Opioid vs. Johnson & Johnson

December 28, 2019

Gambler sues Caesars Casino, The crimes of Santa & the Grinch, Christmas lawsuits and crimes

More holiday crimes, Prada sues Sutton over lease pause, New laws from the states

Pitino sues and settles with Adidas; Hunter Biden IS father and denied custody

December 21, 2019

Walking Dead stuntman family gets $8.6 Million, 16 years for burning pride flag cruel & unusual

Deer in the heart, Insurance defense, Judge and plaintiff's attorney all over the line?

Gosselin in contempt of court, Gates gets 45 days in jail, Manafort wins double-jeopardy case

December 14, 2019

Antique car burn, do we need the ACT and SAT tests?, $40 Million verdict vs Arizona struck down

Justin Hartley files for divorce, Rudy Giuliani settles his divorce on undisclosed terms

NH to SCOTUS: leave nudity laws to locals, Weinstein may settle civil cases in bankruptcy court

December 7, 2019

Diet drinks & calories, Alki David faces $50M in punitive damages, R Kelly charged with bribery

Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martin's parents, Columbo lawsuit set aside & new trial granted

Pete Davidson NDA adhesion contracts, Weinstein wins some, loses many pre-trial motions

November 30, 2019

Krispy Kreme class action lawsuit, stepmom faces criminal penalty for being topless at home

Hiker, 74, sues Phoenix for spinning gurney during rescue. Depp settles 2nd suit by ex-lawyer

Alki David verdict, Mayweather-Pacquiao suit knocked out, Maynard wrongful termination vs CBS

November 23, 2019

Lawsuits against gun makers gain ground, Smollett countersues Chicago for malicious prosecution

Alki David screams at judge, Michigan elderly man loses house for failure ot pay $8.41 in taxes

Taylor Swift can perform what she wants, GM sues Fiat Chrysler, 5 Pointz update

November 16, 2019

Case or no case: X-ray technician, Sandy Hook Remington case moves forward

Comfort animals on planes, Trains & public transport, chickens & the Federal Housing Act

Trump appeals tax returns release, High school coach not liable, Woody Allen & Amazon settle

November 9, 2019

1938 Packard, Sanrda the Orangutan granted personhood status, Sharon Stoned lawsuit

Case or no case: Moon over B of A, Attorney is in contempt, Columbo Lawsuit nets millions

Weinstein memory expert Frye rule, Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock vs fake beauty ads

November 2, 2019

Depp settles Lawsuit with Atty. Bloom, Pumpkin carving injury suit

Hermes bag lawsuit, Epstein autopsy punches holes in suicide, Gay pride case dismissed

Land Rover seized, Spacey's criminal case dismissed, Katy Perry sued for Halloween photo

October 26, 2019

Stewardess sues Southwest Airlines, Loughlin faces new bribery charges, Huffman released

Case or no case: No more tow, Vape ban extension, Arbitration must not favor repeat users

Joe West sues Lo Duca, HBO appeals leaving neverland dispute, The Game loses appeal

October 19, 2019

Sotomayor breaks 2-minute rule twice, Trent Brown sued over domestic violence allegations

Skaggs' death raises many questions, The Weinstein Co. to sue Harvey, Bob, & former board

Johnson & Johnson's $110M talc verdict thrown out, Juul vaping lawsuits begin

October 12, 2019

Case or no case: MLB sues Little League, College admissions scandal sentencing updates

FEC indictments against Parnas and Fruman and at least 1 Congressman

Case or no case: Wrong burial site, LGBTQ cases will be heard by US Supreme Court

October 5, 2019

Alienation of affections case wins $750k, Seinfeld wins lawsuit over 'comedian in cars'

Lottery prize & divorce, Jay-Z must give deposition, San Francisco gives up on NRA fight

Harvard doesn't discriminate vs Asian Americans, J&J pays $20.4M to settle opioid lawsuit

August 28, 2019

Stormy Daniels settles Ohio Lawsuit, What is impeachment?, Aviation laws and DOT rules

NCAA athletes and new state laws, Adele's divorce, killer gets new trial after 10 years

O Leary's wife charged, O'Reilly wins defamation suit, Stairway to Heaven suit update

September 21, 2019

Epstein lawsuits abound, Epstein victims can't sue Florida, Victim's rights

Weinstein changes defense lawyer and strategy, statute of limitations

Colorado city ends topless ban, Spacey accuser dies, 20 yrs for swatting

September 14, 2019

Felicity Huffman's 14-day prison sentence. Uber drivers - employees or contractors?

Trump asylum restrictions and SCOTUS. NRA sues SF over "domestic terrorist" designation

Ep 117 HR3 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders settle labor claim. Flynn - FBI withheld exculpatory evidence

September 7, 2019

Raiders release Antonio Brown, Remington liability for Sandy Hook goes to Supreme Court

Bud Light to remove "no corn syrup" label, Kate Steinle shooter gun conviction overturned

$100M arbitration award to Nationals stands, Trump must reinstate Karem's press pass

August 31, 2019

Skaggs accidental death by opiods & alcohol, Ohio doctor charged - 25 murders by fentanyl

Kentucky County clerk refusal to issue marriage licenses, Miley Cyrus & Hemsworth split

Luke Walton won't be fired, Weinstein update, la crosse player avoids jail time for rape

August 24, 2019

Epstein's trust may shield millions, Weinstein's win & loss, Avenatti seeks trial delay

Case or no case: descent your skunk, California new use of force law, stand your ground

Case or no case, Frivolous lawsuits, courts split over regarding electoral college

August 17, 2019

Prius bait and switch, horses on planes, Led Zeppelin appeal will be heard en banc

Cannot read labels, Epstein suicide & civil lawsuits, New York's Child Victims Act

Facebook biometric suit, Fortnite Champ swatted on Twitch, A$AP Rocky found guilty

August 10, 2019

Case or no case: Cindy Sparkler Sues, Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide

Phillies sue Phanatic mascot, Sarah Palin suit sees the light of day

Raiders prevail in lawsuit vs Oakland, Meat Loaf lawsuit, Bobby Brown suit vs showtime

August 3, 2019

California bar exam slip up. Is Cosby responsible for his attorney's statements?

Who leased the dogs out? Robocalls and elder abuse. Katy Perry loses copyright case

Historical society and eminent domain. Women's soccer case. Giuliani's divorce heats up

July 27, 2019

Not biting the BRATS, Johnny Depp Defamation Lawsuit, Smollett defamation lawsuit update

Epstein injured in cell, Men abusing animals - Judge's reaction, McFadden Arrested

Neil Armstrong secret family settlement, defense in murder can obtain social media posts

July 20, 2019

Black crow bounty hunter, Kevin Spacey criminal case dismissed, funny trial anecdotes

Jackson Estate vs HBO, Katy Perry testifies in copyright trial, 'No Call' lawsuit vs NFL

Nike & Kawhi Leonard draw off, 9th circuit rules for Trump, El Chapo sentence update

July 13, 2019

R. Kelly grand jury indictment and arrest, Kevin Spacey preliminary hearing

Marilyn Monroe statue stolen, ex-teacher Brittany Zamora sentenced to 20 years

Taylor Swift master tapes sold, Jeff Bezos' divorce settlement, bump stocks update

July 6, 2019

Case or No Case, Supreme Court Statistics By Circuit

Harvey Weinstein Legal Team Shakeup, Criminal Trial Strategies, Attorney Client Communications

Eddie Gallagher Case, Leniency for Teenager Accused of Rape

June 29, 2019

2020 census, citizenship question on Supreme Court ruling. Judges weigh in

Kings executive sentenced to 7 years for stealing, Jussie Smollett special prosecutor

Elephant Tusko on LSD, SCOTUS on parole violations, Cosby to win due to O’Neill conflict

June 22, 2019

Attorney Duty and Conflict of interest, Dog Bite Cases, Stairway to Heaven Copyright

Supreme Court overturns murder conviction due to prosecutor misconduct in jury selection

Attorney Specializations, Navy Seal Trial for Murder for Teenage Combatant Casualty

June 15, 2019

Pop Rocks Gut, Fake License Plate, CHP Failed to Warn, Nevada Bans Employment Weed Test

Paper Porch Pitcher, Luke Walton sued for sexual assault, Tony Joiner Arrested

Stanford Coach Sentenced, Felicity Huffman to be Sentenced, Infowars and Pepe the Frog

June 8, 2019

Case or no case: Darn Golf Balls, Kawhi vs Nike, Scottie Pippen Sues Linday Glazer's 5-year-old

Case or no case: Minx Mink Stank, Russell Simpsons Lawsuit, Tony Bland Pleads Guilty for Taking Bribe, Loughlin Lawyers Conflict of Interest with USC, Pitch Perfect Lawsuit

Case or no Case: France Employment House to Empower Committees to Enforce Subpoenas, House Suit Over Border Wall Funding Blocked, Manafort Goes to Rikers, Youtube Restricts Speech

June 1, 2019

Case or No Case, Trump Lawsuits, Trump Appeals Decisions On Subpoenas, Disney World Sued For Dive Bombing Bird

Case or No Case, Trustees For Tom Petty's Estate In Conflict, Andy Griffith Theme Song Lawsuit

Case or No Case, Ginsburg v. Thomas Abortion Throw Down, New Hampshire Abolishes Death Penalty

May 25, 2019

Case or No Case,Tfue Sues FaZe Clan Over Contract, Jussie Smollett Records Unsealed

Case or No Case, Harvey Weinstein Settles Civil Suit, Admissions Student Assaults Father, Additional Avenatti Investigations

Case or No Case, Will Assange Be Extradicted?, Johnny Depp Discloses Shocking Allegations Against Amber Heard, Trump v. California Fight

May 18, 2019

Case or No Case, Asset Forfeiture, Student Sues Georgetown, Admission Scandal Plea Deal

Case or No Case, Kraft Video Inadmissible, Weinstein Law And Motion Not Public

Case or No Case, Orioles v. Nationals $300 Million Award, PG&E Caused Fires, Jake Bloom Resigns From Firm, Apple Antitrust Lawsuit Is Class Certified

May 11, 2019

Case or No Case, Attorney General Barr Sent a Contempt Citation By Judiciary Committee, Judge Orders Unredacted Mueller Report

Case or No Case, Texas Bartender Charged With Serving Alcohol to Crazed Man

Brook Shields Eyebrow Lawsuit, Johnny Depp Manager Lawsuit, Conan O'Brien Settles Joke Lawsuit, El Chapo Treated Poorly In Prison, German Heiress Kind Of

May 04, 2019

Welcome New Affiliates, Case or No Case, Winne The Pooh Bad Bear, Dick Wolf's Ex-Wife Can't Challenge Mediated Agreement

Case or No Case, Bone's Punitive Damages Struck Down, Neverland Lawsuit Never Ends

Case or No Case, William Barr to Testify, Penn State President New Trial, Tesla Transportation Lawsuit, Wikileaks/Assange Update

April 27, 2019

Case or No Case, 90 Year Old Sues Son, Polanski Files Administrative Writ of Mandates

Case or No Case, Varsity Blues Protective Order, Chalk Mark Violates 4th Amendment

Case or No Case, Smollett's Attorney Sued, Fox New CEO Lawsuit, Luke Walton in the News

April 20, 2019

Ep.96 04-20-19 HR1

Ep.96 04-20-19 HR2

Ep.96 04-20-19 HR3

April 13, 2019

Case or No Case, Kim Kardashian Goes To Law School, Michael Avenatti In More Hot Water

Case or No Case, Washington Post Seeks Dismissal of Covington Teen Suit, Julian Assange Evicted

Mechanical Bull Waiver Validity, Case or No Case, Gregory Craig Registering As Foreign Agent

April 6, 2019

Case or No Case, Texas Deadliest Shootout Cases Dropped

Case or No Case, Penn State Hazing Pleas, Kraft May Have A Defense, Dodger Stadium Assault, Depp Sues Ex-Wife

Case or No Case, Flatulence Bullying In Australia, To Have Sex Or Not May Be Fundamental Right, Have Social Norms Changed, More Questions Than Answers

March 30, 2019

Case or No Case, Disney Wins, Avenatti May Lose

Case or No Case, State Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollet, Is This The End?

Smollet Case Goes On, Case or No Case, USS Cole Case Dismissed By SCOTUS, Quick Takes

March 23, 2019

Case or No Case, College Admissions Scandal Civil Lawsuit

College Admissions Scandal Criminal Lawsuit, Case or No Case, Mueller Report Dominates News, Robert Kraft Plea Deal

Case or No Case, Budweiser, Miller & Coors Lawsuit, Updates On Round-Up, Kavanaugh, Trump Immigration Policy, Quick Takes

March 16, 2019

Case or No Case, Did Conan Steal The Joke?, Laugh Factory Suit Is No Joke

Case or No Case, Walking Dead Ahead Settles, Star Trek & Dr. Seuss Lose Copyright Fight, Columbo Accounting Lawsuit

Case or No Case, Remington Gun Lawsuit Lives, College Admissions Scandal

March 9, 2019

Case or No Case, Frankel v. Hoppy Child Custody Dispute, Cohen Sues Trump Organization

Case or No Case, Cohen $1.9 Million Attorney's Fee Lawsuit, Stormy Daniels Loses To Trump Again, R. Kelly Out Of Jail, NCAA Corruption Verdict

Case or No Case, Leaving Neverland Raises Allegations Against Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp Sues Ex Wife, Uber and Driverless Cars, Social Media v. China, Quick Takes

March 2, 2019

Animals Causing Injuries In Airports and Airplanes, Case or No Case, Emotional Support Animals on Airplanes

Case or No Case, Harvey Weinstein Female Attorney, R. Kelly Cannot Afford Bail, Seinfeld Sues Car Dealer Over Porsche

Case or No Case, South African Pastor Lawsuit Over Alleged Resurrection, Michael Cohen Attorney-Client Privilege Issues, Final Take: Noah's Arc Filled With Emotional Support Animals

February 23, 2019

Case or No Case, Alleged Robert Kraft Spa Sting, Doctor Sues Paltrow

Courtroom Sucker Punches, El Chapo Possible Jury Misconduct

CBS Shareholders Lawsuit, Washington Post Sued By Covington Teen

February 16, 2019

Mediation with Ron Arendt, Manifort Plea Deal Thrown Out, Kaepernick Settlement

Mediation with Ron Arendt, Dexter Subway Poster Lawsuit, Daryle Singletary Defamation Lawsuit

Duck Boat Crash Verdict, Trump National Emergency At Border, Case or No Case, Michael Jackson 'Leaving Neverland' Controversy, Kevin Spacey Lawsuit Updates

February 9, 2019

Case or No Case, Bezos: Extortion and Other Crimes

More Bezos, Preserve Evidence Against You, Covington Teen To Sue For Libel/Slander

Case or No Case, Lawsuit Against Parents For Being Born, # Magic Number 108, Climate Change Lawsuit Update

February 2, 2019

Case of No Case, Fiji Water Girl, TURD Mob

Fiji Water Continued, Judicial Replay--No Replay of Saints Game, Doc & The 420 Four-Year-Old, Opioid Family Sued Individually

Opioid Lawsuit Continued, Case or No Case, Seinfeld's Car Not Legit, Kanye West's Suits Against Labels, FYRE Festival Super Models Subpoenaed

January 26, 2019

Case or No Case, Sloppy Joes, Another 2nd Amendment For SCOTUS, Montana Invests in Marijuana

Covington Lawsuit for False Statements, New Orleans Saints Loss Lawsuit

Case or No Case, Avenatti Client Ponzi Scheme, SCOTUS Sounds Out On DACA and Transgender Cases, Our Celebrity Voices

January 19, 2019

Case or No Case, Durst Murder Trial

Case or No Case, Hollywood Lawsuits: Mariah Carey and Harvey Weinstein

Case or No Case, Stormy Sues 8 Ohio Police Officers, Federal Birth Control Cases

January 12, 2019

Case or No Case, PG&E Changes In Probation

Burke Ramsey/CBS Lawsuit, Judd's Sexual Harassment Claim Against Weinstein Dismissed, Spacey Speeding Ticket, Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov Settle

Case or No Case, SCOTUS Upholds Contempt Against Mystery Defendant, Olivia De Havilland's Suit Rejected, NFL Cases Updated

January 5, 2019

Case or No Case, More PG&E Woes, No Charges Against Foster NFL

John Roberts DC Circuit Decision, 2019 New Laws: Rising Minimum Wage, Pet Protections, Tobacco, Non-binary X, No Jury Duty For Nursing Moms

Case or No Case, 2019 New Laws: Doctor Disclosures, #MeToo Laws, Gun Laws, Straws and Stirrers, Felon Voting In Florida, Assisted Suicide, CA Supreme Court Overturns Brown's Clemency 3 Times

December 29, 2018

Case or No Case, Kevin Spacey Allegations

MacGyver Reboot or Spinoff, Straight Outta Compton, Michael Williams Indicted For Insurance Fraud

Nude Selfie Is A National Security Concern, Case or No Case, Making A Murder Defamation Case, What Things Created Change In Legal Field

December 22, 2018

Case or No Case, Christmas Crimes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Flynn Judge Flails, Case or No Case, Kavanaugh Complaints Dismissed, O'Reilly Runs Afoul Of Statute Of Limitations

Case or No Case, Overboard Jury Verdict, Santa Claus Crimes

December 15, 2018

Case Or No Case: Kuhnen's Gold Star, Oakland Raiders Sued, Blurred Lines Suit Settles

Kings Revenue Chief Pleads Guilty, Grinder Lawsuit Likely Dismissed, Undead Live Another Day, Stormy Daniels Pays

Case or No Case, PG&E Updates, John Gosslin Gets Custody, Planned Parenthood Case, Bull Suit Settlement, In Or Out Like Flynn

December 8, 2018

Fred's Back!, Case or No Case, Be Careful in Social Situations

Wild Fires & More Fires, PG&E Liability Laws, Insurance Company Insolvency

Case or No Case, Avenatti's Arrears, Funny Courtroom Exchanges

December 1, 2018

Stormy Daniels Suits Against Trump and Avenatti, Assume the Position

Dallas Police Officer Indicted For Murder, Who's Who Behind Bars, State Seizure and Forfeiture Laws, Excessive Fines Clause

Case or No Case, Crimes Against Humanity, NFL Domestic Violence Cases

November 17, 2018

California's Deadlist Fires, Case Or No Case, GoFundMe Fraud Scheme

Civil and Criminal Liability For Utility Companies, Subrogation Rights of Insurance Companies

Case Or No Case, Another Weinstein Lawsuit, 20K DWI Convictions May Be Thrown Out In NJ, Rob Kardashian Child Support Claim, NHL Concussion Lawsuit

November 10, 2018

Expelled Frat Brother Sues Columbia, Case Or No Case, LSAT Maker Held In Contempt

Canada Legal Marijuana Dry Spell, Georgia Governor Lawsuits, Jon Gosselin Files For Full Legal Custody Over Collin

Case or No Case, Parmesan Cheese Labeling Lawsuit, McDonald's Cheese Lawsuit, Red Light Camera Laswuits in Texas, Duck Boat Captain Indicted

November 3, 2018

Case or No Case, Kavanaugh Accuser Admits To Making Up Accusations

Weinstein Amended Class Action Lawsuit, Marijuana On Ballot In 4 States, Sandra Day O'Connor Love Story, Pharrell Williams Cease and Desist Letter To Trump, Rutgers Football Player Admits To Murder Plot

Case or No Case, Proctor And Gamble Flushable Wipes Lawsuit, Colorado Marijuana Lawsuits, Children's Climate Lawsuit In Oregon

October 27, 2018

Round-Up Lawsuit Dramatically Reduced By Judge, Diaper Dumping Men Arrested in New Jersey, Pooping Superintendent Arrested For Pooping on Football Field

Alex Rodiguez Divorce Alimony and Child Support, NCAA Basketball Corruption Case With Addidas

Halloween Case or No Case, Rae Carruth Out of Jail, E-Scooters Sued For Injuries Across The Country, Copyright Infringement on Halloween Costumes

October 20, 2018

Case or No Case, Crackdown On Treasury Official Leaks, WalMart Settles Class Action Lawsuit Allowing Cashiers To Sit Down

Stormy Daniels Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed, Weinstein Alleged Misconduct Of Investigator and The Defense Strategy

Marijuana Initiative In Utah, Freedom Of Religion, West Virginia Justices Impeachment Issues

October 6, 2018

Case or No Case, Todd Kuhnen WWE, FitBit Proves A Murder, Janice Dickinson Shahs of Sunset Lawsuit

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Divorce Court For Pets, Tennessee Lawsuit For Improperly Disposing/Burying Bodies

Case or No Case, Uber Otto and Google Waymo Self Driving Cars Lawsuit, Another Trump Lawsuit

September 29, 2018

Case or No Case, Todd In WWE 2K19, Finders Keepers Laws, California Independent Contractor Laws

Independent Contractor Laws, Stairway To Heaven Copyright Lawsuit, Millennial Relationship Trends

Case or No Case, Cosby Trial Judge Conflicts, Kavanaugh FBI Investigation, Botched Circumcision Worth $1 Million Dollars

September 22, 2018

Case or No Case, Monsanto Round-Up Case, Jawbone Trade Secrets

OJ Simpson Judgements, Case or No Case, Ashley Judd v. Harvey Weinstein

Case or No Case, NCAA Rules in California, Mel B Settlements, Presidential Defenses

September 15, 2018

Case or No Case, Manafort Pleads Guilty, Jury Procedures

Cosby Trial Judge Issues, Kardashian Social Media Posts, Michael Moore Divorce

Case or No Case, Harvey Weinstein RICO Case, Duck Boat Accident, CA Handgun Ad Law Overturned

September 8, 2018

Case or No Case, Johnny Depp v. Ex-Lawyer, Mediations/Arbitrations/Judges

Bill Cosby Sued For Legal Fees, Papadopoulos Pleads Guilty Lying To FBI, BurningMan 2019 Arrests

BurningMan Do's And Don't's, Case or No Case, Car Freshener v. Bob Ross, Elon Musk Class Action Lawsuit

August 25, 2018

Case or No Case, Harvey Weinstein Third Sexual Assault Lawsuit, BurningMan #MeToo Lawsuits

Case or No Case, Cohen Plea Deal Details, Presidential Ability To Pardon

Case or No Case, Manafort Found Guilty, #MeToo Movement

August 18, 2018

Case or No Case, Judicial Liability, West Virginia Supreme Court Impeachment

Case or No Case, Josh Gordon Child Support, Brittney Spears Child Support

Case or No Case, Football Head Injuries, Bill Cosby Guilt in Pennsylvania

August 11, 2018

Stolen Horizon Airlines Plane, Case or No Case, Pitt/Jolie Child Support Case

Pitt/Jolie Child Support, Case or No Case, Harvey Weinstein, Brock Turner Update, Steve McQueen Ferrari

Case or No Case, Rick Gates Testifies, Chicago Bakeries Hiring Lawsuit, Hog Farm Lawsuit

August 4, 2018

Case or No Case, Charlie Sheen Child Support

Paul Manafort Trial and Charges

Case or No Case, Duck Boat Accident, Harvard Admissions Lawsuit

July 21, 2018

Case or No Case, Freedom of Religion, Basketball Goal Causes Wrongful Death

Johnny Depp Settles Lawsuit, Ford $300M Airbag Settlement, Plastic Straw Ban, Muhammad Ali Family Sues Over Likeness

Case or No Case, MGM Mandalay Bay Sues Victims of Shooting

July 14, 2018

Case or No Case, South Carolina Funeral Homes Sued Over Dead Bodies, Brett Kavanaugh Nomination

Immigration Laws with Attorney Mary Waltermire

Immigration Laws with Attorney Mary Waltermire

July 7, 2018

Case or No Case, Face Recognition Software Lawsuits, US Truth and Lending Act and Wells Fargo

Yelp Reviews Lawsuit, Case or No Case, Another Weinstein Lawsuit, Toyota Vehicle Wiring Lawsuit, Muslim Comic v. Neo-Nazi

Case or No Case, Ice Cube & The Big 3 Lawsuit, Supreme Court Union Dues Ruling

June 30, 2018

Case or No Case, Washington DC Bar, SCOTUS Kennedy Resigns

New SCOTUS Justice, Target Weepod Lawsuit, $47.5M Settlement For Lost Limb, Oakland Climate Change Lawsuit, Parkland Baseball Coaches Lost Job

Case or No Case, California Ballot Measure to Split State

June 23, 2018

Case or No Case, Judge Persky Recall, Judge Recall Rules and Procedures

Tesla Employee Lawsuits, Eric Kramer Domestic Violence, Parkland Shooter Sued

Case or No Case, Apple Closes Security Loop, Cell Phone Data Right To Privacy, Southwest Airlines Engine Fire

June 16, 2018

Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt Custody and Visitation Orders, Case or No Case, Thriller

Dangers of Giving Advice, Manafort Jailed and Bail Revoked

Case or No Case, Reggie Bush Injury Lawsuit, College/High School Graduation Speeches, Penn State Hazing Update

June 9, 2018

Case or No Case, Prince Song YouTube Lawsuit, Fair Use Act

Federal Public Land Law & California, State v. Federal Supremacy Issues, Water Rights and Land Use with Pat Mitchell, Reggie Bush Injury

Case or No Case, Beats by Dre Lawsuit, Dancing Surgeon, Red Sox Foul Ball, Whale Whisperer Sued

June 2, 2018

Mike Rotondo Update, Case or No Case, Legoland Lawsuit

Zeke Upshaw Wrongful Death, Law School and The BAR, Illinois Facebook/Face Recognition Lawsuit

Michael Jackson's Estate v. Disney, Case or No Case, Tesla Lawsuit, Needle Allergies, Most Interest Man Lawsuit

May 19, 2018

Case or No Case, Indictment of Sitting President, Chuck Norris/Texas Ranger Contracts

Bob Hilton, Hollywood Contracts, Game Show Contracts

Case or No Case, Larry Nassar Settlement, More Bob Hilton, Empty Candy Boxes, Airplane Smell Test

May 12, 2018

Case or No Case, Dying Horse Sues Its Owner, Lucas Film Trademark Lawsuits

Case or No Case, Stormy Daniels Tax Issues, Charlie Rose and CBS News

Case or No Case, Wells Fargo $480M Lawsuit, NCAA Uniform Violations & Money, North Korean Prisoner's Family Suing

May 5, 2018

Case or No Case, Independent Delivery Companies (Uber, Lyft, etc.) Uphill Legal Battle

Airlines' Duty To Warn, Legality of NFL Punishment Procedures, Right To Privacy After Death

Case or No Case, Trump Subpoenaed To Testify, Ashley Judd/Harvey Weinstein Lawsuit

April 28, 2018

Case or No Case, Bill Cosby Trial

Bill Cosby Trial Continued, East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer, SF 49er's Ruben Foster Case

Case or No Case, North Carolina Hog Farm Lawsuit, Eli Manning Memorabilia Lawsuit, Monkey Selfie Copyright, Donald Trump's Attorney Office Raid

April 21, 2018

Case or No Case, Mariah Carey Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Amazon State Sales Taxes, Facebook Censoring Ads, Durst Trial Update, Hearsay Evidence Exceptions

Case or No Case, Hot Marinara Sauce Lawsuit, Lebron James Reality TV Show Lawsuit, 9-1-1 Operator Dodging Calls

April 7, 2018

Case or No Case, Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Against Trump

Conor McGregor Arrest and Legal Issues, Paul Manafort's Motion to Suppress Evidence, DNA Tests Reveal OBGYN Is The Father

Waterslide Lawsuits, Judge Judy Lawsuit, Bill Cosby and Jury Selection

March 31, 2018

Case or No Case, Easter Bunny Legal Issues, Pulse NightClub Shooter's Wife

Rats at Disney World, Lindt Trademark Lawsuit, Self-Driving Car Causes Death, Chipotle Lawsuit

Case or No Case, Census Questions Constitutionality, Strip Club Harassment Lawsuit

March 24, 2018

Case or No Case, Jeep Grand Cherokee Park/Neutral Lawsuit, NCAA Bracket Gambling, Penn State Frat Death

Google and Facebook Data Mining Lawsuits, Presidential Immunity Lawsuits, Suing the President, Blurred Lines Verdict Upheld

Case or No Case, Hearse Door Malfunction While Hauling Casket, Olympia Beer Misleading Claims, Self Driving Car Causes Death

March 17, 2018

Case or No Case, Richard Simmons Defamation Lawsuit, DNC Staffer Seth Rich Lawsuit

Concussion Lawsuits, Pulse Nightclub Shooting Lawsuit, Mel B Divorce Update, Trump Jr. Anthrax Scare

Law Student Survivor, Case or No Case, Judge Shocks Defendant, Lotto Winner's Privacy, Tootsie Roll Class Action

March 10, 2018

Case or No Case, Hard Life of a Lawyer, Ezekiel Elliot Case Update

Gender Clauses in Acting Contracts, Fyre Festival Fraud Lawsuit, California Sanctuary City Lawsuits

Utah State Bar Topless Convention Invite, Case or No Case, Death Penalty Competency, $920 Million Beirut Judgment

March 3, 2018

Case or No Case, College Hazing/Assault, Johnny Depp Update, Lisa Marie Presley Divorce

Weight Loss Procedure Advertising, Harvey Weinstein Legal Defense, Pringles Class Action, Liabilities of Wild Animal Owners, E-Cigarette Explosion

Case or No Case, Screen Actor's Guild Age Issues, House of Horrors--12 Kids Used As Slaves, Mass Shooting Prevention Laws

February 24, 2018

Olympics Loophole, Case or No Case, UBER Upfront Pricing Lawsuit, Tennis Player Premises Liability

Tony Gwynn Tobacco Case, Bigfoot Lawsuit, SCOTUS Yelp, Comma Placement, Olympian Loopholes

Case or No Case, Misdemeanor Bail Cases, Spongebob Trademark Lawsuit, Lasers in the Sky

February 17, 2018

Case or No Case, Blender Injuries, ULTA Class Action Lawsuit, Travis Scott Concert Lawsuit

Five Points Street Art, Visual Arts Rights Act of 1970, Potato Guns, Tort of Outrage, Beth Holloway Lawsuit

$560m Lotto Winner Sues To Conceal Identity, Chuck Norris/Walker Texas Ranger Lawsuit, Case or No Case

February 10, 2018

Case or No Case, GrubHub Independent Contractors, Facebook Duty To Warn Of Dangers

Homeless Camps Evictions, California Cake Wars, Hotel Duties To Tenants

Case or No Case, Colorado Ski Resort Injury Waivers, Tinder Pricing Lawsuit, Nursing Home Evictions

February 3, 2018

Jim Carrey Lawsuit, Todd's Dramatic Disclaimers, Case or No Case, NFL Injuries

FISA Warrants and #thememo, Jet Blue Turbulence Lawsuit

Case or No Case, Baby Butt Lawsuit, Nassar Trial and The Angered Father

January 27, 2018

Case or No Case, Small Claims and Small Claims Courts, USA Gymnastics Lawsuit

Supreme Court Hearings, Walking Dead Stuntman Wrongful Death, SuperBowl Ticket Lawsuit, Ramen Noodles Price Fixing Lawsuit

Grumpy Cat, Case or No Case, Google and BIPA, 4th Amendment Search and Seizure

January 20, 2018

Case or No Case, Medical Malpractice, Lyft and Uber Independent Contractors, Johnny Depp Lawsuit Update

General Motors Product Defects Claims, Mickey Mouse Copyright Expiration, Copyright Infringements

Fuse Chicken Charging Cables, Case or No Case, Lindsay Lohan v. Grand Theft Auto, Burck the New York City Street Performer

January 13, 2018

Case or No Case, Harvard Grad Degree Taken, Chip Evans Texas Lawyer, Athletes Workers Compensation

Airline Carrier Discrimination Allegations, Voting Laws, Fee Assessments on Juvenile Detentions, Juvenile Self Representation

Case or No Case, Warrants and 4th Amendment

January 6, 2018

Case or No Case, California Free Tuition, California Marijuana Laws, California Ammunition Laws

Odd Laws Nationwide, Spotify Lawsuit, Federal/State Marijuana Dispute, Expungement

Case or No Case, ALEXA Technology Issues, Netflix Making a Murder

December 30, 2017

Case or No Case, iPhone Slow Down, Jaywalking Laws

Jaywalking Laws, Case or No Case, Alexa Storing Voices and Data, Package Thief Cameras and Traps

Todd's Torturous Talk Radio Transmissions, Case or No Case, California's Important Laws of 2018

December 23, 2017

Case or No Case, Colorado Baker, Christmas Trees and The Constitution

Dramatically Deep Disclaimers, Case or No Case, Washington Train Wreck, Santa Fired in Australia, and Gang Related Santas

North Pole Divorce, ADA and Discrimination Claims for Reindeer, Suing Santa, and White Elephant Gift Exchange

December 16, 2017

Todd's Dramatic Disclaimer Readings, Case or No Case, Marijuana Money and The Tax Code

Amazon Lawsuits--Pillow Case Knockoffs & Mercedes Knockoffs, Case or No Case

Cal's Candygram, NET NEUTRALITY, Case or No Case

December 9, 2017

Sexual Harassment, Katy Perry Update, Case or No Case

Kate Steinle Law, Jury Sleeping, Egg Laws

River City Jerky Works, Wheelchair v. American Airlines, NCAA Sports Betting, Colorado Cake Shop Owner

December 2, 2017

Durst Case Update, Case or No Case, BurningMan Recap, and Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner

Mel B Divorce Update, Carmax/Ford Pick Up Lawsuit, Farmer's Union Contracts, and Potholes

Kate Steinle, Katy Perry, Case or No Case

November 18, 2017

Case or No Case, Equifax Data Breach Update, and Talc Powder Updates

Contract to refurbish The Laurel Yacht, Toys 'r' Us Bankruptcy, Laws and Types of Bankruptcy

Case or No Case, Bruce from Amargosa Valley Nevada, Lead in Fidget Spinners

November 11, 2017

Case or No Case, and Johnny Depp Lawsuit Update

Premises Liability with Big Grocery Stores and Veterans Laws

Vegas Shooting Updates With Media And Information Protections

November 4, 2017

Tonga Murder And Hawaii(US) Extradition Laws

Grub Hub And Class Action Bank Lawsuits

Bill O'Reilly, Slander And Libel

October 28, 2017

Tiger Woods, Marijuana, And Graffiti

SRC V. Amazon (Patent Infringement)

Johnny Depp Lawsuit

October 21, 2017

California Fires and Liability

California Fires Continued

Talc Powder Update, Me Too and more.

September 23, 2017

Marijuana Update and Robin Thicke

Equifax and Tesla Accident and Serial Pooper

Facial Recognition Software, Aaron Hernandez Update, etc.

September 16, 2017

Waymo v. Uber

Equifax Breach and Defective Solar Sunglasses

Ezekiel Elliot

September, 9 2017




September 2, 2017

Eggo Waffles and Parmesan Cheese

The Dangers of Becoming a DA

Disaster Relief Laws

August 26, 2017

Talc Powder

Brad Pitt and Nestle Water

Burning Man

August 19, 2017

Tiffany Rings and Robocalls

Uber Arbitration Clauses and Pink Slime

You Don't Want To Be A Lawyer

August 12, 2017

Taylor Swift and Mel B Divorce

August 5, 2017

Airline Seats and Kanye West

July 29, 2017

Elder Abuse and Child Custody

July 22, 2017

OJ Simpson and Student Loans

July 8, 2017

El Chapo and Robert Durst

July 1, 2017

Church and State and Judge Recall

June 24, 2017

Tiger Woods and Farmer Fines

June 10, 2017

James Comey and Bill Cosby

June 3, 2017

Gun Laws

May 20, 2017

Fyre Festival and Aaron Hernandez

May 14, 2017

Marijuana Laws