Getting Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer is Worth Every Penny. Here’s Why:

After being injured in a car accident, you may at first assume that making a claim with a personal injury lawyer will be more complicated and time consuming than simply paying off whatever bills come your way. But even though you haven’t been seriously injured, once the creditors start making calls to your house, the hospital sends you the ambulance bill, the insurance company makes it impossible for you to recoup your losses, and the police haven’t filed a report, who do you turn to then?

The answer is a personal injury lawyer who can advocate for your rights and work within the complicated justice system on your behalf. While you may be hesitant to hire a personal injury lawyer if you haven’t done so before, you can trust that an experienced personal injury lawyer will have the knowledge and expertise to handle the specific circumstances of your accident and subsequent injury. Here are 3 main reasons why it’s worth it to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer: 


  1. Personal injury lawyer can assess the validity of your claim in the eyes of the law:

                Before even taking your case, a personal injury lawyer will assess if it’s one worth pursuing based upon the likelihood that you will succeed in court according to the merits of the circumstances surrounding your injury . And while a personal injury lawyer cannot personally assess your injuries, they can give you access to the right tools and resources to provide an accurate assessment of your injury after the accident.


  1. Determine if it makes fiscal sense for you to make a claim:

                A quality PI will determine if your claim is even worth pursing in terms of how much money it will cost to bring a case versus how much money you could win. As a general rule, a PI will only collect money from you if they win the case, and in order to do that, they must first assess the likelihood of your case making enough money to cover all costs related to the fees, trial, etc. Your personal injury lawyer will talk to the insurance company(s) on your behalf to negotiate a fair and appropriate amount as your settlement, which includes medical and other accidental fees. Additionally, the lawyer charges a contingency percentage to handle your case which means that should you win, the settlement won will also cover the PI fees.


  1. Gather evidence for a strong court case:

                Before appearing in court, your personal lawyer can help find evidence and secure witnesses to help build your case, which may include interviewing witnesses and company representatives, and reading and collecting documents and claims to substantiate the settlement you’re asking for.


The three reasons above are the main reasons why hiring a PI can be such a smart decision to make after being in an accident or suffering from a personal injury, though the benefits encompasses much more than winning a settlement and saving valuable time.

Just take Philip’s case as an example of the numerous ways a PI can really help you in your time of need. Phillip was being harassed by several different agencies and had too many bills to pay–the lawyers at Penney and Associates helped him attain his rightful settlement and sorted out all the confusion that often comes with personal injury cases.


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