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Public Records Law



            New organizations are filing law suits telling officials to release more information about the Las Vegas Shooting. They claim they are violating public records law by keeping many of the details a secret.



  • The government is saying the case is still under investigation and they do not have to submit release the documents until their investigation is over with. It will not be as fast as people want. This is an important investigation, we want to do it correct. Rushing it and release information preemptively might damage the case.
  • News outlets: It has been over a month since it started, they should at least be able to release more than they have. Especially information concerning all of the warrants they have issued, considering they state the shooter worked alone. If the shooter acted alone as you have stated, what is the harm in releasing the information? By law it will be released.



Nevada Revised Statute . 239.010

  1. A governmental entity that has legal custody or control of a public book or record shall not deny a request made pursuant to subsection 1 to inspect or copy or receive a copy of a public book or record on the basis that the requested public book or record contains information that is confidential if the governmental entity can redact, delete, conceal or separate the confidential information from the information included in the public book or record that is not otherwise confidential.


  1. A person may request a copy of a public record in any medium in which the public record is readily available. An officer, employee or agent of a governmental entity who has legal custody or control of a public record:



News organizations are suing under Nevada Law to have the government, specially the police to release more details on the Las Vegas shooting. It has been three weeks since the last update. The public has a very big interest in knowing how the government is responding to the deadliest shooting in the nation’s history.


  • The Legislature’s intent is clear. As NRS 239.001 says, the public records law is “to foster democratic principles.” Nevada’s Public Records law “must be construed liberally” and “any exemption, exception or balancing of interests which limits or restricts access…must be construed narrowly.”
  • Exceptions: local government entities are not required to disclose identifying information of a person using a recreational facility or engaging in a recreational, instructional or other event sponsored by a local government entity, unless the person seeking such a record has a valid court order, subpoena, or is a journalist.
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