Radio Law Talk mentioned in Daily Democrat Newspaper

Listeners of the Podcast and the Sacramento area radio station, Radio Law Talk, will be happy to hear that the popular attorney-hosted show was mentioned in the Daily Democrat newspaper, the major newspaper in the Woodland and Yolo County Area, just last month.

The article titled, “Winter’s attorney also has his own talk show”, focuses on the relationship between Yolo native and Radio Law Talk co-host, Chris Rodriguez, and Radio Law Talk host, Frederick Penny, as well as the some of the history behind how Radio Law Talk came to be the successful talk show that it is today.

With several informative quotes from Penny and other associates of Radio Law Talk, this article does a strong job of highlighting the unique way the attorneys on the show work together to create an informed and helpful legal discussion for their listeners.

**Radio Law Talk does not guarantee the accuracy of all detail research.Above is the written research performed prior to one of the latest shows. Neither Radio Law Talk nor its hosts guarantee its complete accuracy as it is a “working script” only and as such is used as a base foundation of the legal topics discussed. Many additions and changes made during and before the broadcast.” This is for informational purposes only and not to be relied upon as all of the issues or law for the subject topic. Seek legal counsel for all your legal needs.